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can i take polos to australia?????????

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almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:32:58

odd question!! where we will be staying the owner likes polos and cant get them so i said i will take some am i allowed to take sweets abox if possible to oz

koalabear Wed 22-Jun-05 13:34:37

you will need to declare it a customs, they will take a look, and probably allow you through - be prepared for them to confiscate though - don't try to sneak it through - they can get really narky

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:35:55

oh ! mmm so take a small box and say i have polos!! oh its like drugg trafficing

QueenOfQuotes Wed 22-Jun-05 13:36:16

what even if you take them foryouself???

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 13:36:26

I am sure you are

After all we ahve taken sweets all round the world in 2002 including OZ {chocolate eclairs from cadburys}

with no problems Just write them down on the entry form as sweets am sure it will be ok

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:36:35

a box!!

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:37:27

lol its just that the owner of the villa said her dh is addicted and cant get them so i thought i t would be nice

koalabear Wed 22-Jun-05 13:39:11

yes, it's not about the value - its about bringing in food stuffs that are potentially contaminated with stuff that Oz is free of (being an island in the middle of no where) - usually you just write it on the form, go through the "red" channel, they take a look, give it back to you and off you go - they are looking for disease and are concerned more with cheese, meat, wood etc - so you should be fine

i just err on side of caution as they have very cute but effective beagles sniffing out stuff in your luggage

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 13:39:24

As long as you tell them it will be fine

Just imagine you were preggers and it was your craving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only prob could be that they have GELATIN in them but as long as they don't long at ingrediants you will be fine

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:40:02

thank you so do i put them in hand luggage?

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 13:40:31


koalabear Wed 22-Jun-05 13:40:49

doesn't matter as you have your luggage before customs

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 13:40:56

Yes cos you want them accessable IMHO

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:40:59

at what?

Lizzylou Wed 22-Jun-05 13:40:59

The beagles had an off day when we went through Sydney customs, unbeknownst to us we were laden with loads of chocolate that my family had bought for my bother who we were visiting!
There were loads of people getting stuff confiscated though......

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 13:42:31

but as long as they don't look at ingrediants you will be fine

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:43:44

oh lol i thoght you had a link!!pmsl

Lonelymum Wed 22-Jun-05 13:44:18

Don't worry! We honeymooned in Australia (dh is Australian and his parents came over to UK for the wedding but then held a second reception for us in Oz). My MIL even took one of the wedding cake layers back with her and was allowed through customs with it. The customs officials joked and asked for a slice! I think the main concern is fresh fruit and vegetables which might have something alive crawling on them.

When we went again a few years ago with the children, we had loads of bits of food left over from keeping the children happy on the flight, and there was no problems getting it through. (Mind you, it was just after 9/11 and security was massive: dd's pencil sharpener was confiscated on the return journey because of its blade! )

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:46:05

crumbs!! no dont think polos have sharp edges!!

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:46:30

where did you have our honeymoon?

Lonelymum Wed 22-Jun-05 13:49:08

I didn't have your honeymoon!

Do you mean mine? We had about three days in Sydney by ourselves, a week on an exclusive island on the Great Barrier Reef (that was the honeymoon part!) and then another week at "home" (Brisbane) with the family and friends.

When we took the kids, it was Brisbane again followed by our private part of the holiday on Tasmania.

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:50:19

rofl@our honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry we are going to port douglas near the barrier reef for our vow renewals/2nd honeymoon lol

Lonelymum Wed 22-Jun-05 13:51:34

It will be lovely. When are you going?

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:51:50

8 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

almostanangel Wed 22-Jun-05 13:52:22

no 7 weeks 6 days!

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