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Glastonbury Festival! More questions....

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lunavix Sun 19-Jun-05 18:17:26

So to all those experienced....

what do we need to pack? what are the essentials (apart from tickets, clothes etc...)

which field shall we pitch in? We don't have any kids with us (ds is staying with PIL, lucky boy!) and it's just dh and I so we want somewhere lively and lots to do, esp. when the bands finish each night.

Anything else we should know?

ediemay Sun 19-Jun-05 18:29:40

Dear lunavix

Camp as high up the site as you can, in case of rain. The bottom fields can get reeeeeally muddy. We usually camp up near Avalon. The whole site is lively all night, lots of people head up to the 'sacred space' above the green fields after bands have ended. It isn't like other festivals, it's much more open and not just band-centred - the whole thing is an experience. Food stalls etc stay open really late too.

Take loo roll, bug repellent, suncream, hats, very comfy shoes (and leave waterproofs & wellies in the car in case you need them). Take a piece of coloured fabric or a flag to tie on your car antenna to help you find it - it really helps. Don't take many clothes, just comfy old stuff. You can always buy bits.

The toilets are grim but getting better. The African style long drop toilets are best.

There are left luggage tents near all the camping fields where you can leave stuff if you don't want to leave it all in the tent.

Don't miss the crazy performance and theatre fields, the green fields and Avalon. Oh and the hot cider bus (usually parked near the main stage). Enjoy!

Libb Sun 19-Jun-05 18:29:56

I have only been the once but found:
Wetwipes are brilliant,
Don't forget your toilet roll when going to the toilets,
The best time of day to use them is early morning just after they have been cleaned out,
Don't forget a torch because there a lot of tents and their guy ropes and you will probably end up sitting in your neighbour's lap,
Memorise your location, we were near the Other Stage and had a distinctive gazebo thing - another very handy item to have if you have the space.
Suntan lotion is a must obviously,
don't let your ex's friend chuck his tuna water down on the grass next to your tent!

If you see my ex there, feel free to deck him.

ediemay Sun 19-Jun-05 18:33:00

good point Libb - I forgot we usually take a flag for the tent too and a maglite.

lunavix Sun 19-Jun-05 18:40:20

What do you take clothes wise?
Was thinking an extra pair of trousers/shorts each (would we need more?) a few tshirts each, socks and undies for every day lus a few spare! jumper mac etc

ediemay Sun 19-Jun-05 18:43:41

I take long shorts, my ancient walking boots, long sleeved Tshirts, a hat and not much else. A cheapy pull on cagoul is better than a mac - just scrunch it in a ball in the rucksack and pray for sunshine! Also take Arret or similar - bad place to get the sh*ts

Libb Sun 19-Jun-05 18:44:06

That sounds fine to me but then I did have a little spree there as the clothes stalls are great and right up my street. Or field even.

lunavix Sun 19-Jun-05 18:44:29

Two rather dense questions from me

what arrets?

and where would I get a cheapy kagoul?

sallystrawberry Sun 19-Jun-05 18:45:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Libb Sun 19-Jun-05 18:47:31

I have no idea about Arrets but Millets do a fold up raincoat for about £15 - saw them the other day and they tiny! perfect for a rucksack. Good choice of colours too.

If you are anything like me then you will no doubt end up with everyone's car keys and booze because none of them had the hindsight to bring a bag. Men!

ediemay Sun 19-Jun-05 18:49:47

sally, I first went in 1985 when you could park next to your tent! 5 of us had 2 tents, 1 leaked and it was the wettest year ever. I'm just old and boring these days but I still take cider!

Lunavix, Milletts is the place for cheapy waterproofs and Arret is an anti diarrhoea tablet. Not sure if the spelling is right and there are lots of other kinds.

Don't worry you'll have a great time

lunavix Sun 19-Jun-05 18:50:37

sally - were this a few years ago me too sadly now I'm in my parent days I feel the need to be practical and I can't seem to shake it!!!

We are taking a doona though.. (although with an airbed )

sallystrawberry Sun 19-Jun-05 18:55:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

edodgy Sun 19-Jun-05 19:12:49

aww memories a gang of us went there in '99 we decided to go down on the saturday morning after watching it on television on the friday night , we went with no tents and no tickets and had a ball. I'd like to go again but do it the civilised way u know camper van, food, lucid mind to be aware what bands im actually seeing lol. have a good time.

RTKangaMummy Mon 20-Jun-05 10:33:50

DEFFO BRILL mail order for stuff for camping

Skribble Mon 20-Jun-05 22:49:06

Loo roll in a poly bag,
Wet wipes,
Bum bag for essentials,
Use left luggage place, take old stuff.
If sleeping bag/ jumper ets nicked, wet pissed on, you can buy allsorts on site so don't panic.
Basic first aid stuff i.e. plasters, antiseptic. So you don't have to wait ages a t first aid for some half-wit to apply a plaster and fill out 3 forms!
Anti-bac wipes or mini spray.

Don't camp down hill from toilets, don't camp in front of toilets, the queues can accidently trample tents and chatter all night.
Don't camp at the junctions nearest to stages and main walkways as your tent can get a bit trampled.
Don't camp along fence line as this is where guys pee.
Don't camp next to bins as these over flow and can getset on fire.

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