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Flying to Boston - Best airline for 3 and 1 1/2 year old

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jenkel Sat 18-Jun-05 20:14:56

Hopefully off to Boston, whats the best carrier that flies to the US with kids in mind, I've heard only good things about Virign - any others!

RTKangaMummy Sat 18-Jun-05 20:23:09

Was going to suggest VIRGIN

Caribbeanqueen Sat 18-Jun-05 20:25:12

Virgin and BA, probably Virgin as they are more laid back about kids. Avoid American Airlines if possible.

MeerkatsUnite Sat 18-Jun-05 20:37:11

Would have a look at BA or Virgin Atlantic. Would concur with the counsel to avoid all American based carriers.

Would also suggest you read as this gives passenger opinions about all the airlines.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 18-Jun-05 20:42:28

With a three-year-old, the thing you want most is the seat-back telly. They always have a kid's channel, and that will keep your 3-year-old transfixed for most of the flight.

I know BA have these in economy on the routes I take (London->Montreal, London->Toronto). I think Virgin do, too.

RTKangaMummy Sat 18-Jun-05 20:46:06

Although DS never eats on planes the kids food on virgin is quite good

And yes they do have seat back TV and nintendo games consols

The welcome pack is quite neat too although not as good as it used to be

SofiaAmes Sat 18-Jun-05 22:24:32

ba is the only airline that will GUARANTEE you in advance the bulkhead if you have an infant. I won't fly any other airline to the usa with my children. I go to the us twice a year with my two (2 and 4).

soapbox Sat 18-Jun-05 22:29:24

I prefer Virgin to BA. the stewardesses on Virgin made a big fuss of the children when we've travelled with them. The BA ones always seem to treat children as if there is a bad smell about them

Virgin childrens meals and backpacks are much better too.

Would agree to avoid the various US Airlines.

goldenoldie Tue 21-Jun-05 13:11:44

Echo the Virgin comments. More expensive for flights, but worth it. Cabin crew appear to really like their jobs, unlike BA staff who seem to feel like they are doing you a favour when they turn up for work each day.

Mosschops30 Tue 21-Jun-05 13:15:03

Message withdrawn

batters Tue 21-Jun-05 13:30:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MeerkatsUnite Tue 21-Jun-05 16:08:48

American Airlines seat pitch in economy varies between 33-35 inches BUT some of their aircraft have now had the rows which were removed put back in!.

Have had the opposite experience to Goldenoldie re Virgin/BA over the past few years. The various Virgin FA's I've come across have been both bloody minded and officious to boot. BA have caught up and Virgin come across as complacent.

Would suggest you read for opinions on airlines. Comments re Virgin Atlantic and BA are quite instructive to read.

SofiaAmes Tue 21-Jun-05 21:15:08

I had an absolutely awful experience flying with chidlren on American Airlines. It was so bad that I wouldn't even fly them if it was free (my mother has lots of free flights on AA and I refuse them regularly).

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