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Naps in prams when we're on hols - will she won't she?

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titferbrains Tue 03-Nov-09 22:43:40

DD will be 14 mo when we go to the states for tksgiving. SHe never seems to fall asleep in her pram anymore, and I almost always let her nap at home (I live in terror of a tiredness-related screaming fit in supermarket) but we'll be at my aunt's house during the day - I wasn't planning to bring a travel cot but am wondering now if I should try to get a pop up travel cot. She is quite small, the size of a 9mo probably so should be comfy in one if I get her used to it now. SHould I jsut start trying to get her to nap in her pram now and not worry about the pop up cot?

Am probably thinking about this too much eh? But naps are sacred to me right now... 2 hrs of sanity and peace.

TwoSilverBalloons Tue 03-Nov-09 22:48:28

Does your dd move much once asleep? My two ds's much prefer their cots but will sleep in pushchairs if tired enough, but teh won't sleep for much longer than 45 mins. I think what happens is that they come into their lighter sleep, try to turn over to get comfy, can't as they're strapped in and they get upset.

Could your aunt borrow a cot to have at hers?

If not, remember that more adults around means more people to entertain your dd if she does have shorter sleeps.

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