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Does anyone know Florida distances/drivetimes etc really well?

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IlanaK Thu 16-Jun-05 13:36:26

We are going to visit family in Ft Lauderdale in October and have some American friends who will be staying in Orlando at the same time (for Disney). We would love to meet up, but I looked at a map and they seem a long distance apart. Anyone have any idea of how long to drive? (I am guessing too long with 2 under 5's). Also, is there anything in between the two places that we could meet up (an amusement park or something?)


SoupDragon Thu 16-Jun-05 13:47:05

It's 213 miles if that helps!

MeerkatsUnite Thu 16-Jun-05 15:31:13

They are certainly a fair distance apart.

Having done the journey from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale I can advise you it took around 4 1/2 hours to drive (this included a half hour meal break) between the two places.

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