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16 month old on hols - ok without travel cot?

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clairesparkle Sun 01-Nov-09 19:54:36

I have found a lovely apartment for a trip to Brussels next year - the problem is they do not have a travel cot, and it would be really difficult to take one with us. There is a single bed which we could put something up against to stop falling out, but is this unrealistic? DS is only 11 months old at the moment so not sure how a 16 month old would cope with this...

luciemule Sun 01-Nov-09 23:02:05

Both of my kids went into a cot bed at 16 months - they hated a cot and both could climb out easily by then. We had a bed guard to start with but it turned out to be more dangerous as they climbed up and over and fell from a higher height thatn if you simply laid rows of cushions/pillows alongside.
I would practice a bit for the 2 weeks before the trip and if not, see if you can hire one once your there from the company whose appartment it is.
If not, you could take a 'ready bed' as then he couldn't fall out as it's already on the floor.

clairesparkle Sun 01-Nov-09 23:06:10

Ooh ready bed a great idea! Ta x

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