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Supply and demand!?

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ruthie48 Sun 01-Nov-09 15:42:43

Why is it in the so called peak season I can book a cottage in August and yet because off peak 28/08/10 I cannot get one now for next year. It is very much cheaper to go august bank holiday and kids still off school so why can't I get this week booked? Bye the way to go in the same cottage in northumbria in the summer hols prior to 28th aug will cost £1100. But go 28th it wil cost £500! So glad I have kiddie winkies!!

Drayford Sun 01-Nov-09 18:54:52

Are you trying to book with an agency or independent owner?

I am independent and my cottages can be booked up to New Year 2010 at the moment and I've taken several bookings for the summer 2010 (and even a booking for feb half term 2011!!!)

When my cottages were with an agent (a well known West Country Agent) they would not allow me to let so called peak weeks at a discount until 14 days before - this is the reason I went it alone. They were also reluctant to let my cottages for the following summer until November/December of the previous year - I never received a satisfactory explanation for this.

Clever you for noticing the 28th August dodge!! State schools go back on the weds or thurs following the bank holiday therefore it's a difficult week to let to families, hence the discounted price.

You could try this for privately owned cottages.

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