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Living in Bangkok

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TinkyTaylor Sat 31-Oct-09 09:21:04

We are planning to move out to Bangkok in the spring for my Husband's job in the Sukhumvit area. I will be at home with two young children and was wondering if anyone out there has lived in this area before and can recommend any family friendly expat compounds or just general advice on Bangkok living for me.

BudaBones Sat 31-Oct-09 09:39:34

Hi there

I lived in Bangkok for 2 years and loved it. But it was almost 20 years ago I'm afraid and I know it has changed hugely.

You could try posting this in the "Living Overseas" section too.

There are a few people on here who lived in Bangkok I think.

Badpups Tue 03-Nov-09 21:08:43

I've never lived in Bangkok but have visited several times on holiday including with my children.

I discovered an organisation called BAMBI which had loads of tips for being in Bangkok with children and seemed to be mainly for expats. (

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