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Family holiday in Sardinia? Any recommendations/advice?

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NotSoRampantRabbit Tue 20-Oct-09 21:31:27

DH and I haven't had a good holiday for over 3 years - we are long overdue. Want to go in June next year ideally.

Will be taking DS (4) and DD (1) and want access to good beach and pool.

Don't mind hotel or self-catering.

We both fancy Sardinia as love Italy but want a beachy holiday.

Anybody been? Got any top tips?

Romanarama Tue 20-Oct-09 21:35:52

Costa Smeralda in June is lovely - don't go near it in July/August as much too crowded. All the beaches are really great. We've only stayed with friends though, so can't recommend anywhere specific. There are some fabulous but v pricey hotels there.

spookyrookie Tue 20-Oct-09 21:42:10

Hi on the recommendation of a mumsnetter we stayed at Chia Village in Sardinia. It is half board hotel with childrens pool, childrens club and shuttle bus/train to the beach.

Rooms were very nice and they had a separate pool with a play area beside it which was excellent for the children. Food was a good quality too although it was buffet style so a bit of a scrum to get a table.

We had hoped that DS would go into the kids club a little bit, but it was run by fairly young girls and all the ages were mixed plus they tended to whisk the children off to the beach without warning, so as a result we didn't feel comfortable with DS being there.

We found it relaxing as it was geared up for families and we would go back, although not in July or August because of the heat and the prices.

Romanarama Wed 21-Oct-09 08:25:13

Just to note that Sardinia is known as the most expensive med destination. It is very lovely though.

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