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Thank you JaninLondon! - we've just had a wonderful holiday in Stoupa

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Merlot Mon 13-Jun-05 12:55:18

Thanks for recommending the Maniatiko village - it was beautiful - so relaxing and Stoupa and Kalogria beach breathtakingly beautiful.

We obviously like the same sort of holiday, so where else can you recommend?

Thanks again....we would definitely not have chanced upon this place if it hadn't been for your recommendation.

janinlondon Mon 13-Jun-05 17:21:00

I have been waiting in fear for your return - you have no idea how stressful it is to be responsible for someone else's holiday. So the 2 bedroom places are nice? Is George still there? SOOOOO glad you had a good time!!

Merlot Tue 14-Jun-05 07:49:33

The two bedroomed place was lovely! We had the two storey detatched number - my ds1 (8 years) was really impressed that it looked like a castle, with him sleeping in the tower!!

There was no garden, but a beautiful and secluded balcony - plus french doors and a balcony from the upstairs bedroom. It was heaven! My only thoughts were that if ds2 had been a climber, the balcony would not have been very safe as it was a stone affair of only about 2 foot in height!

Dh absolutely fell in love with the area, he managed to do a couple of walks in the Mani and now wants to go back on a walking holiday without me and the kids!

Honestly, it was perfect! Food in Stoupa was excellent - my waistline is testimony to that and our holiday couldn't have been bettered.

Not sure, whether George is still there - is he an old man? There was a man of about 40 called Theodoris who appeared to be the manager, but there was an elderly gentleman who baked the bread etc..

The problem now is - how do you manage to find another destination to equal it! Have you had any other great holidays? I would love to know!!!!!!!!

My dh - whose thoughts about Mumsnet were unprintable - is actually extoling the virtues of it now! . Tamum set the stone rolling when she gave us some really good advice, but now with your excellent holiday recommendation dh is well and truly converted!

Thank you

janinlondon Tue 14-Jun-05 10:27:50

We will cerainly go back to Maniatiko again Merlot, but we've had other great holidays too - have you been to Lefkas? Or Lemnos? Know some lovely properties in both. Or Sarteano in Italy - now we know a corker of a place there!

Merlot Tue 14-Jun-05 14:14:06

OOOOh.....I'm so excited..have never been to any of the other places mentioned, so please tell me more......Can you do any links?....or feel free to CAT me.

I hope you have got a nice holiday lined up for yourself this year?

janinlondon Tue 14-Jun-05 14:41:57

I'm useless at links, but in Sarteano in Tuscany we stay at La Sovana ( If your DH wants to go walking THIS is the place for it!! SOOOooo gorgeous. On site restaurant is wonderful. Pool is brilliant. Grounds just lovely. In Lefkas we stay at Mousses (mentioned frequently on Mumsnet). In Lemnos we stayed at Plati Beach at Villa Afrodite with - its just along the beach from the Mark Warner resort and was very relaxed. Brilliant archeology to explore around there too. We've already done our big trip this year (Australia) so will just have a little visit to France in the summer. Do let me know what you think of these!

Merlot Tue 14-Jun-05 14:46:49 for a browse

Merlot Wed 15-Jun-05 20:59:35

Gosh they all look absolutely gorgeous!

Is the Italian place as child friendly as the Maniatiko?

janinlondon Thu 16-Jun-05 10:11:19

ALL Italian places are child friendly. The Italians lurve kids. When we were staying there the place was full of Dutch families - but their kids all spoke perfect English of course, so there were no barriers. The kids all formed a big posse.

Merlot Thu 16-Jun-05 13:14:06

Thats good to know - because it does look absolutely fabulous! Mind you, the others look great too (so much choice - thanks!!)

Interestingly, after having our main break in Stoupa we were also thinking of France for a week in late August/early September - have you any tips for France?!

janinlondon Thu 16-Jun-05 13:26:43

Merlot I am a bit of a France virgin, so no use to you there I'm afraid!

Merlot Thu 16-Jun-05 14:39:41

Sob, Sob.....And there was I thinking I could plan all my holidays around your old ones, given that Maniatiko was so good!

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