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9Kg car seats

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amelie Mon 13-Jun-05 10:00:10

Our little lady is almost 9kg but I really think she needs to be in the bigger car seat. She's almost 11 months and little smaller than average but really tries to sit up properly in the car.
Do you think we should move her up to the big car seat before she hits the magic 9kg or wait for the final gram?

Mosschops30 Mon 13-Jun-05 10:07:49

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney Mon 13-Jun-05 10:08:37

The backwards-facing car seats really are safer than the forward-facing ones. But if you think she'd be happier in the forward-facing ones, you can move her - I think they're safe from under 9kg.

amelie Mon 13-Jun-05 10:17:42

Cool - thanks for your advice. Just what I thought to be honest!

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