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anyone flown with easyjet lately with a baby ds 4 months

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alli01452 Sat 17-Oct-09 23:24:18

any advice?
must haves?
how do you take bottles on board with the liquid ban?
is it true pushchairs car seats and travel cots are free to take?

strawberrie Sun 18-Oct-09 11:53:01

We've just come back from an Easyjet trip with our 5 month old - pushchair was carried free of charge over and above the luggage limit of 20 kg per person, but as far as I know, carseats and travel cots would be treated as regular luggage in your allowance. I can't help on the bottles thing I'm afraid.

nancy75 Sun 18-Oct-09 11:59:40

take empty bottles nad buy cartons of milk when you go through security (you can phone boots airside at most airports and they will put some aside for you) last time we flew (july) we took pram and car seat, neither was classed as regular luggage and we were not charged for them.

nicm Sun 18-Oct-09 14:08:26

we went with ds when he was 6 months. stroller and travel cot are free, not sure about the car seat sorry! and i bf so not sure about the bottles either. could you bring your bottle and then buy the formula cartons at the airport boots? enjoy your trip

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