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Tenby or Barmouth?

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Moomin Sat 11-Jun-05 22:09:53

Have decided not to go abroad this year as am pregnant and getting a bit immobile, and I really fancy a good old traditional seaside holiday for me, dh and dd (nearly 4 by the time we go). I want nice beaches, not too crowded. Have left it a bit late, I know but have managed to find places to stay in both Tenby and Barmouth. haven't been to either since I was tiny so can't remember much about them. Dh is a bit dubious about Tenby - don't know why exactly. Any recommendations / preferences?

munz Sat 11-Jun-05 22:14:11

tenby is exellent, I lie in pembs and it's loely, we'e got a tonne to sandy beahes, touristy in tenby, loely, donkey rides on the beah for kids and all. (also folly farm is lose by as well)

munz Sat 11-Jun-05 22:15:01

live even, bloody keyboard!

janeybops Sat 11-Jun-05 22:41:47

Saundersfoot is very near to Tenby and we loved it there last year. Much smaller and less touristy/crowded than Tenby. Beach is fab too.

janeybops Sat 11-Jun-05 22:42:15

Oh yes agree Folly Farm is fab

BadHair Sat 11-Jun-05 22:58:17

Tenby is lovely, much better than Boring Barmouth (sorry to anyone who lives in the area).
We've just got back from our third trip to Tenby, and it really is great for children, especially if the weather's good.
Tenby itself has 4 excellent beaches, you can go on boat trips to Caldy Island to see the seals, the town is a mix of seaside shops and really nice grown up shops. Pubs, bars and restaurants are mostly child friendly and have lots of seating so no problem at rush-hour-lunch-time.
Saundersfoot is a 20 min drive away and has a lovely big beach. Angle Bay is marvellous - really quiet, totally unspoilt save for the odd geography field trippers looking at rock pools. Manorbier beach is lovely too - only small but lots of rock pools, and our kite is still stuck up in the gorse bushes as a result of its recent bid for freedom. The castle is well worth a visit too.
If the weather's a bit dodgy there's Folly Farm, which although a touch pricey (definitely take your own food) is a full day out on its own. My dses are still talking about milking the cow and feeding the baby goats, and it was over 2 weeks ago now. Lots of playgrounds, climbing frames, pedal tractors, indoor old-fashioned funfair etc as well as the obvious animal attractions. It's easily the best children's farm I've been to.
Dinosaur world is worth a visit too if the weather's not good enough for beach. There's a trail through the woods for you to "find" the huge model dinosaurs. It might not be marvellous for adults but my dses loved it.
Um, what else? We stayed here at Manor Farm in Lydstep .
Barmouth, on the other hand, is a grotty little seaside town which is full of arcades, chip vans and a tatty little funfair. The beach is nice but there's a much better one at Dyffren (not sure about my spelling there) a couple of miles up the coast.
As you might have guessed I'd go for Tenby anytime. I'm insanely jealous of Munz for living in such a lovely part of the UK!

Janh Sat 11-Jun-05 23:00:26

Tenby is fab and has the best icecream shop in the world.

BadHair Sat 11-Jun-05 23:01:04

Should have said that Tenby and Saundersfoot would be very busy during school hols but Manorbier and Angle would be quieter. Marloes is meant to be nice too, very unspoilt.
If you want unspoilt and quiet Barmouth is not the place to go.

munz Sun 12-Jun-05 08:28:58

badhair - swop u, all it does here is rain!

if u do go to tenby only suggestion is u are v close to the town/ beaches as trying to get in there and park during the summer months isn't gonna happen as they'res loads of tourists.

also u can do a horse and cart type tide thingy around the centre which looks nice (not done it thou)

what else is there?.... er well the beaches, I think tenby will be quite busy but it's about 10 miles long (actually more like 3/4) so not too bad, there is loads of other beaches around pembs - white sands is nice to the north of the county (althou it's a good half hours drive from tenby) er, there's also newgale by me, which again is lovely again thou good half hour drive, (10 ppl on there and it's considered packed!) only thing with tenby is u can get dog walkers there, a lot of them will keep dogs on their leads, we do if we see children running about. no problems with rubbish or anything.

there's also oakwood, althou best memory can't remeber how much is there for children.

there's pembertons choc factorty up the road on the A40 (about 10/15 miles ish) out from tenby bit out in the country thou, but it's worth a mornings visit, they show u how the chocolate's made, and the children get to help out. (also have free samples) er, where else - ooh pembroke castle's quite nice as well for a day out, quite a large field in the middle for the little ones to runn about in.

ooh and we do have a huge country park with resivor, (althou about 8 mile walk all the wqay around is a nice place for a picnic) again about 15 miles, maybe slightly more, as it's off the A40.

er, that's all I can think of right now - last night was v tired and my brain wasn't working. def recommend tenby, loads of caravan parks, loads of B&B's althou i'd imagion they get v busy v quickly in the summer.

happymerryberries Sun 12-Jun-05 08:37:40

Tenby is wonderful. It has the most beautiful beaches and nice places to potter around. Lots of nice places to eat and drink and all very child friendly.

Moomin Sun 12-Jun-05 09:05:15

Tenby it is then! Thanks v much for all your feedback. Have spoken to dh and I get the feeling his review of Tenby was harking back to a particularly dire holiday there with his parents when he and his brother were spotty adolescents and everything was NAFF, BORING & RUBBISH. They could have gone to disneyland and he'd have said the same!

We have found a flat 5 mins walk from one of the beaches, which I think we will book tomorrow. Only downsides are that there's only 1 bedroom plus a sofabed in the front room, and there's no parking so we have to pay to use the public one across the road. But at this time of year, I spose we're lucky to have found anything for the school hols. Thanks again!

happymerryberries Sun 12-Jun-05 09:09:40

We wnet there about 5 years ago and had a wonderful time. I think I would have found it 'boring' as a teenager, but asyou say at that age most things are 'crap' if you are Kevin the teenager!

It is a superb place to go for a family holiday. the beatches are fantastic, the sea clear, lots of nice places to buy an ice cream and although it is set up for tourism is is all fairly 'tasteful'.

If you are in the town and five minutes from a beach you will be idealy situated to just stroll around most places.

munz Sun 12-Jun-05 09:15:37

there's a carpark right on the sea front it's huge I think u can get weekly ticket (not sure how much it is thou) think it's about £12 or soemthing (it's £2.00 for all day stops. loads of spaces there thou. (just have to get there early.)

Moomin Sun 12-Jun-05 09:17:06

ah yes, that's the word I think I was looking for but didnt know quite how to phrase: 'tasteful'. Dh took me away for the weekend to north wales last saturday to a lovely restaurant with rooms - gorgeous!! but on the way, the amount of skanky seaside places we had to drive to was depressing. I just wish they could publish a list of places that weren't like that, but it looks a bit snobby to do that I spose! I was looking to find something a bit like the places in the Isle of Man -don't know if you've ever been there, but the whole place is like what England was like 50 yrs ago (so I'm told). Very traditional, clean, distinct lack of arcades and fun pubs, etc. Glad everyone likes Tenby so much; will defo book tomorrow.

happymerryberries Sun 12-Jun-05 09:21:21

Before you go, some pictures to gloat over!

marjoriedawessassy Mon 13-Jun-05 09:08:12

Tenby is GREAT. you'll love it. Just an old-fashioned seaside resort without too much in the way of naffness but plenty of kiss-me-quick stuff. Beautiful surroundings as well. M will adore it - great beaches, fish and chips, boat trips to see seals etc. Folly Farm is worth a visit too.x

marjoriedawessassy Mon 13-Jun-05 09:08:59

Its sassy, BTW! Name change refers to a weight loss thread I'm on!

rodeo1 Tue 14-Jun-05 23:52:08

Oh Tenby is just georgeous! We are taking the children in the summer hols (again!) Loads and loads of lovely beaches, lovely atmosphere, always been lovely weather for us, I could go on and on...

Somewhere you wouldn't worry about strolling through the town with the pushchair at 9pm on a Friday night - you can't say that about many places now can you?

Parking wasn't too much of a prob for us, and it's not busy when compared to Devon and Cornwall.

Last year, we went to Barafundle beach and a couple of men were catching bait in a big net. Loads of children went to look (plus a load of dads) as they dragged it on to the beach and the fishermen got all the kids to catch the sand eels and put them in buckets full of water and save all the others by chucking them back into the sea! The children still talk about it now and they were only 5 & 2!

Lovely holiday memories and I can honestly say I don't envy my friends going abroad for their hols. Went to Madrid with friends earlier this year, the travelling was so tiring, and we had no children with us!

triceratops Wed 15-Jun-05 08:38:51

I love Tenby. Very happy childhood memories from holidays there.

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