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Flying with BA & 5mo baby - can i take Quinny Buzz chassis and Maxi-Cosi carseat?

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questions2008 Wed 14-Oct-09 23:35:21

We are flying first time with DS who will be 5mo, London-Cairo, with BA. I definitely have to have the car seat as we will be driving a lot there and Cairo traffic is exactly what car-seats were made for, iykwim! How can I take it with me, do I check it in (is this safe? won't it get damaged?) or do I carry it on to plane, or some other option?

I'm also considering taking Buzz chassis with me as then would have option to use it out and about if needed, will BA allows us to take it as baby's pram, or will they expect us to use up our luggage allowance to check it in (it's quite heavy!). If I don't take it I'll just need to find a good sling, but would like to know either way.

Also, any tips for first-time baby flying would be appreciated!


babyOcho Wed 14-Oct-09 23:42:57

We took our Bugaboo, and car seat on the plane to San Francisco.

You can take a buggy with you - we chose not to take it through and checked it in and it was not part of our luggage allowance. It also meant that we were able to pack it up and put it in the travel bag before hand. But with all this stuff I am hearing about BA at the moment, they may charge you hmm

We took our car seat onto the plane and they stowed it for us, but I think this is at the discretion of the crew.

We took a sling for the airport bit. Also was good for taking DD for a walk around the plane.


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