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Parking in or near the 02 arena?

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eandh Wed 14-Oct-09 11:09:29

We are going to see disney princesses on ice in afew weeks at the 02 and as my parents coming too we need to take 2 cars, does anyone have experience of prebooking parking at the 02 or know anywhere close by (must be walking distance as will have dd1 who is 5 and dd2 is 2 with us!) that may be a bit cheaper?

angel1976 Wed 14-Oct-09 13:42:52

Hi eandh, I live near North Greenwich. Is the show on during the day or at night? Weekday or weekend? We usually park at the North Greenwich Underground carpark. It's very close to the O2, you literally walk across the tube station and the O2 is on the other side of the station. It's only £6 for the day on weekdays and £3 for all day on the weekends. The only problem is that on weekday mornings, it's only opened for season parking ticket holders till 11am. Details are here. Can you also check with the O2 if your parking is complimentary with the the show tickets? I doubt it but I do know that if you are watching a movie in the O2, your parking is free then, which is ridiculous seeing as they make you pay for parking for the shows on there. Enjoy the show! I do think the parking costs in the O2 is stupidly expensive...

eandh Wed 14-Oct-09 17:50:55

thanks for that help, we are going on a sunday morning (11am show) so hopefully the station seems a good option. Parking not included in out tickets (£120 plus booking fee for 6 of us [shock) and parking is £17.50 per car shockshock so £3 sounds much better

angel1976 Wed 14-Oct-09 19:31:15

Good luck and enjoy the show! The station carpark is literally next to the O2 carpark, how they can charge £20 for parking (on top of whatever price you are already paying for the tickets) is a right joke! Another cheeky and FREE option (which might not be for you as you want to be walking distance...) that is worth remembering in case the station carpark is out of bounds for whatever reason is that there is a big retail park right by the station. It's got Sainsburys, B&Q, Currys (or Dixons) etc. The parking there is free and it's literally 2 bus stops away from O2 (probaby about a 15-20 minutes walk). There's meant to be a limit to how long you are park there for but I've never been checked... The B&Q / Odeon cinemas / Nando's end is the one nearest to the tube station. I've been known to park there during the weekdays (when the station carpark is out of bounds before 11am), taken the bus to the station and travelled into town that way... blush

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