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Best way to get to Eurostar please?

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talie Sat 11-Jun-05 06:52:34

Going to Disneyland Paris with 3 and 1 year old and need to be at Eurostar Waterloo at 9am. Anyone got any ideas for best way to get to Eurostar for that time in the morning (in plenty of time!)

May stay in hotel the night before? Any tips for hotels near Waterloo?

Also need to find best way to get there - do we drive straight into London? What about car-parking for 5 days? Where's the best place to park without costing a fortune?

Is it better to stay outside of London and find parking? Any ideas?

Live in Wiltshire - so would it be better to just catch train straight from here? Can I get straight to Waterloo from here instead of going on tubes etc?


Copper Sat 11-Jun-05 07:43:14


I wouldn't attempt to park. Trains do go from various bits of Wiltshire to Waterloo so probably best to investigate that - but it may be a very early start and a hotel the night before might make the whole thing more bearable.

It may be a good idea to look for a hotel slightly outside the area but still on a fast route up to Waterloo. Kingston upon Thames has a Travelodge about 5 minutes from Kingston station, then about 30 minutes direct into Waterloo. There's another one at Battersea which is close to Clapham Junction - very quick access to Waterloo and lots of trains to choose from.

Is your train at 9 or is that check-in time?

Remember, trains into Waterloo will be full at that time of day ...

Blu Mon 13-Jun-05 13:02:15

I wouldn't attempt to bring your car in under any circumstances - it will cost you more in parking than the whole of the rest of the holiday!

Call national rail enquiries and ask about rail links to waterloo? You may be able to book seats - which would be advisable.

There is a travellodge at County Hall directly opposite waterloo, and isn't too expensive (for London)

But if you did come down the day before and stayed there, you could do the London Eye, too!

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