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Silver Cross Ventura Plus in Black Cab?

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smeraldina Mon 12-Oct-09 14:01:31

Ok - this is a bit of a specialized ask...hope someone can help!

We have inherited a Silver Cross Ventura Plus Travel System. The pram's great but the car seat bit doesn't fit in our car (seat belts are too short). So we use something else.

I'm off to London and would love to take the train then a black cab but...does anyone know if the seat belts in a London black cab will stretch to accomodate the Ventura plus carseat?

I know I don't HAVE to use a carseat in a taxi, but am loath not to...

in hope...

girlsyearapart Tue 13-Oct-09 08:56:42

Hi my DH is a black cab driver.

We had a silver cross ventura seat.

Ticking all boxes so far?!

Never fitted our seat in his cab as dd2 had a diffrent seat by then. but his seatbelts are longer than the ones in our car which do stretch (just)

Our forward facing seats fit fine but tbh when our dd2 was little we kept her strapped into the pram and just wheeled it into the cab.


smeraldina Thu 15-Oct-09 21:50:25

Hi, yes, for ticking boxes. Just a bit! Thank you so much...
Sorry for delay in thanking you. My DS had an emergency op this week for a hernia. So as it happens, the London trip is off the cards for a bit - but good to know the logistics now.


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