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help! two questions about flying with a buggy and a jar of food...!

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katherine2008 Fri 09-Oct-09 19:23:26

we are flying to greece on sunday on BA and were intending to take the buggy to the gate - but don't have a bag for it... should we?!! it's really a little late to get one now.. any advice? also, i know that I might have to taste water I take through customs for dd as well as having to open milk -but am I ok taking a jar of hipp organic food...? thanks...! wink

BikeRunSki Fri 09-Oct-09 19:27:53

We flew Jet2 from LeedsBradford to Nice a few montsh ago.

Buggy to gate was fine, no bag.

I had an Ella's Kitchen in my hand luggage and nobody questioned it, although I didn't shout about it either. I thought this would be easier than a glass jar if stopped. It went through the hand luggage scanner with no queries.

Sterile water in bottle - no, no, no, absolutely not, securtity lady chucked it away. Bought Evian at WH Smith on "airside" of airport. Took those individual Hipp milk sachets to make you milk with Evian.

tvaerialmagpiebin Fri 09-Oct-09 19:31:35

I used to fly a lot with ds when small. Never had a prob with buggy needing a bag. If it is liable to open itself up, maybe take one of those elastic straps and secure it. They may ask you to open jar and taste. Def no water even in baby bottle. I was bf so don't know about formula but expect they make you buy cartons once you have cleared security i.e. you can't take a made-up bottle through.

nosferartifartu Fri 09-Oct-09 19:39:14

I flew with Thomsoms a couple of weeks ago. Buggy was fine as it was (it's a McClaren one where there's a clip to keep it folded.)

I had a jar of baby food and they did make me open it and taste it [hurl].

katherine2008 Fri 09-Oct-09 19:40:27

that's great thank you so much! can't wait to go!!!

lobsters Fri 09-Oct-09 20:58:16

I've flown twice this year with DD with pre-boiled water in bottles, and both times we were let through no problems. Had to taste the water in some of the bottles, but otherwise dead easy. Each time I had about 3 bottles for a European flight as I needed them for the rest of the day, and this was fine. We were flying BA through Heathrow both times.

No idea about baby food thought, sorry

Nefret Tue 13-Oct-09 11:24:53

I have always taken the buggy to the gate with no bag and it has been fine.

I have taken jars of food through several times too and have never been asked to taste it. I just put it in the clear bag they give you.

NoseyNooNoo Tue 13-Oct-09 12:58:06

I took a buggy in a bag - and the bag was torn to pieces.

Going out of Gatwick I had to open and taste the Hipp Organic jar. Coming back from Portugal it had to be thrown away because I had already opened it in anticipation.

mrsfossil Tue 13-Oct-09 17:35:57

I am about to fly from Doncaster/Sheffield airport with a 6.5 dd. I called them for advice. I can take jars of food and a bottle of milk for the journey. I'm lucky as most of her feeds are bf she just has 1 formula in the evening.

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