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sailing holiday with 1 year old

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Janeway Sat 24-May-03 19:14:56

perhaps we're mad, but we're considering a sailing holiday in the med late this summer with our ds (then 18 months)and some friends. We'd be doing only short trips in the day (any long ones being night sails) and will have enough experienced hands to manage with one spare to manage ds. Obviously there's the issue of everyone else having to live in close quarters with ds, and we'll have to be sure that they're all OK with that before signing up. We'll also try to organise a bolt hole where one of us can stay ashore with him if it all goes pear shaped...

Has anyone done this - any tips?

Thanks in anticipation

codswallop Sat 24-May-03 19:44:23

and this is a holiday?!!

judetheobscure Sat 24-May-03 20:41:00

I don't think I could do that - I would live in a permanent state of fear of him falling overboard. You're a brave woman.

Lindy Sat 24-May-03 21:47:40

errrrrrrrrrrrr ............ I wouldn't do it!

I wouldn't risk my lively DS on a boat
I wouldn't risk holidaying with friends full stop

You are a far braver woman than I am !!!

Good luck.

jodee Sat 24-May-03 23:25:21

Not my idea of a holiday either, brave of you to consider it. I refused to do a villa with pool holiday this year as I know I would be on tenterhooks the whole time, wanting to keep 3yo ds in sight; a boating holiday would tip me over the edge ...

Janeway Sun 25-May-03 08:22:01

I take it non of you ladies are sailors - pre ds we've had regular sailing holidays and it's great fun, and very relaxing.

ds has been on a boat before, but not for extended trips - safety was fine, he didn't seam to mind his harness (he'll be clipped on when on deck so he can't fall overboard), and if things get difficult he'll be below decks with someone.

Its the boredom factor that's worrying me most - he'll still be too young to be occupied by colouring etc for long, and the novelty of sitting and watching the world go by under sail might wear off. So short hops are planned with interesting stopovers and plenty of time to runaround ashore.

sjs Sun 25-May-03 10:30:45

I'm not a sailor either and definitely think you will get the best advice from those that are. However, thought I'd add my thoughts FWIW...
My dd is 2yrs 4mths... from about 1 year to now (basically since she started walking) she needs lots of activity and action to keep her occupied, along with quiet time reading/doing puzzles etc too. As you say, you would have a harness, so the safety factor may not be a concern at all, but I'd be wary of booking a holiday with my dd where there wasn't lots to do for her. Especially if you are there with friends who don't have kids. I'd probably be inclined to go for more of a compromise - a family friendly shore based holiday where you can all do day sails with or without ds. That said, if this is your passion, perhaps ds should get used to it now. I seem to recall that Libby Purves sailed round Britain for a year with her husband and kids... but think they were a few years older than you ds.
good luck with your decision.

bettys Sun 25-May-03 20:11:33

I don't think you're mad Janeway, but I have refused to do it with my ds....dp & I have done a fair bit of sailing. While dp is dead keen to go sailing en famille I know it would be me that was ALWAYS trying to restrain/amuse/keep safe our gung-ho fearless ds who would no doubt love it, but not understand or comply with the safety aspect. We tried him on our (14ft) dinghy at 2.5 and it was a nightmare as he didn't have a harness & wouldn't sit still. Your ds is a lot younger, so may be more biddable, and a yacht is a lot bigger and safer, but I agree boredom is going to be a problem unless you take masses of things like lego.

Oh dear, no one's being very positive. Maybe as someone's said you should do a search on Libby Purves and in the sailing section on Amazon. There was a journalist on the Daily Telegraph (whose name escapes me) who sailed round Britain in a catamaran with his pregnant girlfriend & then baby, but I think he stopped when the baby started walking.

judetheobscure Sun 25-May-03 21:00:16

When I was young my dad took us on sailing holidays - ironically he was the only one of us who couldn't swim!

Can you try out a day trip with your ds? See where he wants to be most etc? I would have thought if he wants to be on deck, he will find having a harness on all the time rather restrictive. (BTW, what is he harnessed to? - how far can he "travel"?)

Can you get in touch with some of the firms that offer sailing holidays - sound them out (even if you have no intention of booking with them, they may have some useful advice?

I would have thought it won't be a very relaxing holiday. Even with a "team" of willing helpers - you will have to be very careful about making sure whoever is looking after him knows that. However, if sailing is your passion go for it ... and let us know how you get on.

Bugsy Tue 27-May-03 10:15:12

On a positive note, have sailed all my life from when I was small enough to go in a carrycot, as have my siblings. Janeway, I think you have thought things through pretty well. Yes your ds will probably get a bit restless sometimes but he'll also love it. We've taken ds (very wriggly and active) on a number of day sails without any major disasters. I think as long as you are not kidding yourself that it will be as relaxing as it was pre-ds then you'll be fine.

judetheobscure Mon 25-Aug-03 23:54:09

janeway - did you do the sailing holiday and if so how was it?

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