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Menorca with a very nearly 1 yr old - Milk???

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Gillyan Tue 06-Oct-09 16:29:46


Have booked to go to Menroca next June, DD2 will be a week off 1 yr old.

I've not been abroad for a long long time so quite rusty with how things work.

Staying in a hotel. Decided to give up sterlising things just before we go to save taking/hiring one ( although have got a cold water steriliser )

What do you do about milk/bottles??

My first baby started nursery at 11 months and they suggested I stop giving her a bottle in time for her going so she could go staright into the older class rather than babies so planning to do this with DD2 if I can so I shouldn't need bottles. Will start on a cup.

Do they sell the same brand formula abroad, should I take my own?? She could start on cow's milk at 1 anyway. can i get same stuff there?

Will be hiring a fridge for the hotel room so I can always take steriliser and bottles if needed and I suppose a travel kettle to do the water???

Any advice please to a not so well travelled mother!

angel1976 Tue 06-Oct-09 19:49:47

If she's only a week off one year old, I would switch her to cow's milk a couple of weeks before the holiday. A lot easier with cow's milk than to fluff about with formula! I wouldn't worry too much about having her take a cup instead of bottle either. Just bring two bottles and you will be fine! Find out what the hotel policy is in terms of providing fresh milk before you go as well as what tea-making facilities they have. We went to the Maldives recently and my DS was 18 months old. We found out beforehand that the hotel was happy to provide fresh milk free of charge as long as we filled up at the breakfast/lunch buffet (or ask the waiters to do so). So we just brought a clean empty mineral water bottle every morning to breakfast and they filled it up for us and we just stuck it in the room fridge to use during the day. The kettle in the hotel room for making tea/coffee was big enough so that once we boiled the water, I just opened the lid and pop the bottle of milk to warm up in it. It warmed up the milk really quick that way. Also, in the Maldives, I think the fresh milk was more long life milk than fresh fresh milk if you know what I mean. DS had no problem drinking it though! Have fun! smile

wonderingwondering Tue 06-Oct-09 19:57:00

Lots of fresh milk in Menorca! Try her on cows milk before you go so you know she'll drink it. We always just use the mini-bar fridge for a pint of milk a day. Take your bottle brush and if you have a travel kettle, just rinse the teats in boiling water.

She'll prob spend the week eating sand so sterilising may seem a distant memory!

taytotayto Tue 06-Oct-09 20:40:21

id put her on cows milk a week or two before you go, to be honest she should really be using a cup from 6 months, so make life easy and just use cows milk when you get there, once babies start crawling they pick up all sorts anyway. have a great time you lucky girl, if you need a nanny to go too just ask!!!!

Gillyan Wed 07-Oct-09 08:24:56

Thanks very much guys!

Yes thats what i thought I'd, switch her to cows milk a few weeks earlier.

I think dd1 at that age only had milk in the morning and milk before bed and as soon as I stopped FF i gave her cold milk from the fridge so warmed milk was never had again.

This time round with dd2 I don't warm her feeds, I just take the chill off them or give her them room temp sos he should be fine wth cold milk.

My steriliser broke when dd1 was 11onths so I just stopped sterilising then anyway.

Thanks for the advice.

taytotayto If I had room I'd take you

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