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lilybird Thu 09-Jun-05 13:30:24

has anyone out there been to menorca, we're off there in september for the first time.
is there much for kids? dd is 2.3 yo
we are staying in the resort son bou.

bensmum3 Thu 09-Jun-05 19:28:05

We hired bikes (pedal ones) when we went to menorca, and managed to get around a good bit of the island, saw lots of small sandy coves and were welcomed by the locals in all the villages. It's a beautiful place if you don't want bright lights and noise. We stayed in Binibeca which had a lovely safe,sandy beach for dd and ds to play on.

cod Thu 09-Jun-05 19:28:44

Message withdrawn

tassis Thu 09-Jun-05 19:29:48

Ja9's there at the moment but is home again on Sat. Her ds is 10 months. I'm sure she'd be happy to share her experience - ask again next week, or CAT her!

Hope you have a great time.

bonym Fri 10-Jun-05 17:26:06

Oh Menorca is fab - went there 3 years ago and it was full of families with young children - the beaches are gorgeous, sandy with really gently shelving water, you can go really far out before it gets deep. We were in Playa de Fornells which is quite small. I would recommend hiring a car as the island is smallish and well worth exploring. Most places have children's menus. Fornells town is lovely and has some great restaurants.

JoolsToo Fri 10-Jun-05 17:29:22

fab beach at Son Bou - hire a car its a lovely island!

MarsLady Fri 10-Jun-05 17:36:34

We went to San Bou, came back with twins lol

Fantastic. There's a lovely restaurant in the town called Bonnies. Wonderful food, lovely owner. We ate there every night.

We so want to go back. Lovely lovely lovely!!!!!!!!!!

Champagne sangria............. oh the memories!

JoolsToo Fri 10-Jun-05 17:37:37

wouldn't that be a risk Mars? you may come back with triplets next time

MarsLady Fri 10-Jun-05 17:39:34

So true! Actually may I just say two words.... snip snip!

macwoozy Fri 10-Jun-05 17:48:57

We stayed at Son Bou Gardens last year, and was really impressed.

One thing I would advise though is not to hire a car longer than several days, we hired one for the whole week, but we managed to see pretty much everything in about 3 days. The capital is worth seeing, theres a market there every Sunday I think. Worth having a look at.

Ideal place for taking a 2 year old, most of the bars are family orientated. It's not heaving with nightlife, I didn't see any lager louts. So if you want just a relaxing holiday with a lovely beach its a good place to go.

Socci Fri 10-Jun-05 19:30:23

Message withdrawn

anchovies Fri 10-Jun-05 19:34:07

I love son bou, parents have a villa in arenal so have seen most of the island and son bou is by far my favourite beach. Agree about hiring a car, loads of gorgeous beaches to see plus mahon is worth a visit. Perfect for family holidays IMO.

lilybird Wed 15-Jun-05 13:04:15

thank you very much for your replies.
macwoozy, we are staying in the sonbou gardens, what were they like?
marslady,hopefully won't come back with twins!lol!

macwoozy Wed 15-Jun-05 13:32:43

Well you've made a good choice. Son Bou Gardens is set in lovely surroundings, with many pools set in different areas of the complex. There's also entertainment when you'd rather stay in the complex, and in the middle there's a supermarket and a car hire place.

Initially we had been allocated a first floor apartment with what I considered an extremely low balcony. They are not all like that, but there was no way I was going to take any chances with my son who manages to climb up everything. So next morning we mentioned our concerns and we were given a ground floor bungalow straight away. We found this ideal because we could let our ds play out in the front but close at hand.

Before we went I read of peoples experiences with cockroaches but I never saw any there. In fact I was impressed with the cleanliness of the place.

The complex is huge, and if you're at the furthest end you have a fair walk to the resort, but no more than 10 minutes I suppose. But they bear this in mind because when you leave, you don't have to lug your suit cases to reception, they have a minibus to collect you.

Have a great time, I wish I was going again.

Berries Wed 15-Jun-05 13:49:18

Been to that resort twice. Only thing to bear in mind is if you are at the other end of the place its a long walk to the beach, as it has an area of parkland between apts & beach that you can't walk through. Our kids were 6 & 7 last time, & it was a long walk back after a day at the beach. Nice walk into town though. Apart from that (&that was a minor point) we loved it & went back the following year as well.

lilybird Wed 15-Jun-05 13:56:32

oooh i'm getting excited now!
only 11 weeks to go!
just hope dd enjoys it, went to cyprus last year, nightmare, she didn't like sand,didn't like water and got an ear infection to top it all off, we wanted to come home after a couple of days!!

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