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Sharps in hand luggage?

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weegiemum Sun 04-Oct-09 23:04:57

I knwo you can't take scissors etc in hand luggage.

Wondered if you can take a sewing needle? I am facing an 8.5 hour plane trip next week and don't think I can read for that long, the films look awful (checked website) and I do love a bit of cross stitch when I am bored - will have no kids with us so spending 8 out of 8.5 hours entertaining them and the other half hour trying to get them to wait in the toilet queue is not an option!

If not, any other ideas. I have books, I have audiobooks on my ipod and urmm thats it!

Its a day flight and I can never sleep on planes, even if it is a night flight!

neversaydie Sun 04-Oct-09 23:43:53

You might get away with it - and not a huge loss if you have to throw away the needle at security. But you would need to pre-cut lengths of embroidery thread.

Drayford Mon 05-Oct-09 00:11:53

No to sewing needles - I was behind someone at security at heathrow a few weeks ago who had to chuck embroidery needles ... she did kick up a bit, but the answer was still no from the security guys. Mad or what!!!

weegiemum Mon 05-Oct-09 00:26:44

Oh well, it was just an idea.

I'm a bit of a nervous flier anyway and I know dh will watch a film and then fall asleep and I will be sitting twiddling my thumbs worrying about the landing (my least favourite bit!).

I usually have fun on any flight playing plasticine with the kids, but they might look at me a bit hmm if I take plasticine on my own!

Drayford Mon 05-Oct-09 00:33:25

How long is your flight Weegiemum?

Drayford Mon 05-Oct-09 00:40:38

Oops just re-read your OP.. 8.5 hours is quite boring
Not enough time to sleep and if the in flight entertaiment is poor that's pretty difficult.

Have you got an ipod? Lots of grown up games are available that can while away the time (monopoly, scrabble etc)

I usually work on long flights (which takes up a couple of hours) and have a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of G&T's (which helps with the sleep).

A good slug of Rescue remedy is good to help with landing anxieties (works for my DD - now 17 and terribly well travelled, but still terrified of landing)

jasper Mon 05-Oct-09 01:26:10

google Hand knitting.

No needles required

Drayford Mon 05-Oct-09 09:31:36

Is hand knitting easier than normal knitting Jasper? I've tried to learn how to knit millions of times and still can't do it.

jasper Mon 05-Oct-09 15:17:41

yes it is very easy but it only produces long thin pieces of knitted stuff suitable for a dolly's scarf!
If you search for it on you tube you will find instructional videos

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 05-Oct-09 17:11:47

Sorry to tell you this but its no re sewing needles.

They also don't like knitting needles.

Any chance of you being able to purchase a portable DVD player beforehand?.

weegiemum Mon 05-Oct-09 19:54:59

No portable dvd, and I won't be taking my laptop (going to Caracas, don't want to be robbed!).

Will spend the flight waking dh up and trying to get him to reassure me that most planes land safely!

I have valium and will have a gin at some point!

Funny how they allow long lengths of knitting wool with which you could garotte the entire cabin crew but not a teensy needle!

Drayford Mon 05-Oct-09 23:51:17

LOL @ lengths of knitting wool! There's plenty of things in our handbags that could be used to injure eh ladies!!! (and a blow to the head with a laptop could be quite nasty too)

ONLY JOKING (to any security/customs/airline staff that may be lurking). I'm a very compliant passenger!

Seriously though, do try and enjoy the flight if you can. It's bliss travelling without children wink

I'm off to google finger knitting!

weegiemum Mon 05-Oct-09 23:58:11

I haven't travelled any (real) distance without children since dd1 was 3! We did do a long weekend in Barcelona!! But nothing further away.

Think dh is reconciled to keeping me company as I freak out for about 6 of the 8.5 hour flight. Think he might resort to a G&T too many at the airport, but as we board at 10am that is unlikely to make me happy!

Has anyone seen the Eric Cantona film - is it "Looking for Eric" or something? Seems liek the only halfway decent film on the flight for me (DH is very excited at the idea of Terminator Salvation, the Sad Giot that he is).

Think I will try to find a couple more audio books to download before Friday.

Plus I will take my journal. Then I can write about what a crappy time I am having on the flight and beat dh round the head with it when I feel especially rotten!!

Valium here I come!

Drayford Tue 06-Oct-09 00:09:33

Looking for Eric is very funny - so that may take up about 90 minutes of the flight!

Good'll be fine wink

Let us know how it went.

weegiemum Tue 06-Oct-09 00:11:45

Its On Demand so I suppose I could watch it twice!

bronze Tue 06-Oct-09 00:17:04

you could always buy a needle the other side of security. and some nail scissors and tweezers while you're at it

weegiemum Tue 06-Oct-09 00:18:59

I don't think you can purchase stuff like that on the "other side" - its banned cos of the use you might put it to (while flying Paris - Caracas but there you go!)

Fluid now!!! I could buy a whole bottle of gin on the "other side"!!

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