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Travelling with baby to Alps

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hairband Sun 04-Oct-09 22:00:50

He will be 6months.. I'm really nervous and not sure if I will go.. but if I did, does anyone have any tips? Have already posted on skiing thread regarding actually spending time in the resort, but am needing practical advice on how to do the journey there and back.
Car/plane? Time of day - daytime flight or night drive?
Baby has a bit of a routine of his own (naps every couple of hours, and demand feeds in between naps).. which may change in 3months when we go, but am worried that if allowed to sleep all day in car, this will put things out for the week.
Am battered post-natally and really could just do with a rest both NOW (rather than having to think about this) and a restful holiday in the sun. Unfortuntely hubby has gone ahead and booked this (as friends were putting pressure to confirm), is willing to go on own, but has spent HUGE amounts on it and it would be a waste not to go if there was any way.
Baby was ill at birth and we are so lucky to have him, just want to protect him and keep him safe at home... but am aware that plenty of people travel with babies.. just need to hear from people who have done it!

piscesmoon Sun 04-Oct-09 22:16:55

You sound very stressed.As DH has already booked I would stop worrying-it won't be half as bad as you imagine. Mine was 10 months when we went and we went by car.I would think that plane is better. Your baby will have changed quite a lot by the time you go-they are very adaptable and a change of routine won't hurt. I would make sure that DH understands that he is jointly responsible for the care -especially on the journey.

alypaly Sun 04-Oct-09 22:18:28

hi hairband... took my DS's when they were 5months and 15 months. We flew and then a coach journey at the other end. They were no problem at all. Just give thenm lots to drink on the plane especially when ascending and descending as they dont know to swallow to unblock ears. DS1 was a prem baby,very poorly too and really smalll at 5months but we had no problems. Are you skiing or just going on the hols and looking after him

hairband Sun 04-Oct-09 22:24:20

Thanks for prompt replies!
Yes am very stressed!! Baby was 5 years in the making with lots of losses on the way and it is all just hitting me now!
DH LOVES skiing, it's his fave thing and I think he really needs his fix this year more than most cos of how eventful it has been.
I won't be ski-ing, just looking after him.

So you think plane would be better?

thehairybabysmum Sun 04-Oct-09 22:26:21

ive done it with a 3 month old, 4 mths, and a year old.

It is fine, take your car seat for the transfer. Dont worry too much re flight times, routine. Just let baby sleep/eat as they want; you will be able to re-implement routine once you arrive.

You can buy nappies and milk there. It is easier with a younger baby as they sleep lots and you dont have to worry aobut meals.

Once you've done it once you will be fine. Im flying tues wiht a 2 and nearly 4 yr old...would love a 6 month old, no crayons and toys needed!!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 04-Oct-09 22:30:18

I'd definitely fly - it's all over and done with loads more quickly than driving and you'll be a lot less tired when you arrive.

We took ds1 at 12 weeks. It was probably the easiest trip we've ever done since having kids!

alypaly Sun 04-Oct-09 22:32:17

we even got a lift pass and met up at the top lift station for was beautiful. If you are relaxed ,baby will be too. You can get everything you want when you get there.....just take enough things with you incase of any delays.

Can i come and be your nanny...grin

piscesmoon Sun 04-Oct-09 22:33:34

If you are a non skier -do you really want to go? We are the other way around-I am the one who needs a skiing fix and DH hates it. He stayed at home while the DCs were small and I went with older DS.If he is skiing all day you are not going to see much of him.
I would work out what you really want to do (as opposed to what DH wants you to do). If you are happier at home I should stay there. If you go, then insist that DH takes a half share of the travel. Travelling with a baby isn't as bad as you think-probably the worry beforehand is the worst part!
The plane is quicker-we were 2 days in the car with an overnight stay in a hotel.
When DS was 10 months old I took my mother as extra help.

hairband Sun 04-Oct-09 22:38:40

He's already booked it.. says no pressure for me to go, but I hate to waste the money my place cost, unless he can find one of his mates to take it. The others going are all couples with kids.

He seems to think car is easier, but is asking about a)car seat on plane - do they take it and b)buggy on plane - will they take this is addition to car seat.

Thanks for replies, you are really helping

Alypaly you can go instead of me!!

alypaly Sun 04-Oct-09 22:50:11

yes please....i am a skier like pisces. have only missed two years skiing in the past 30 and that was when i was pregnant. took up snowboarding 2 years ago nuts about

piscesmoon Sun 04-Oct-09 22:51:46

I would travel with the others-if they have DCs it will be easier in a group. They take buggies on the plane-I will leave it to someone who knows about car seats. Get a baby carrier for the resort-wheels in the snow are no fun! Its swings and roundabouts -car is easier just to pack and go, but plane is faster.

piscesmoon Sun 04-Oct-09 22:53:37

I have missed far more than that alypaly!Well done. I am hoping to go this year!

Drayford Mon 05-Oct-09 00:20:20

Agree with the above - my DH is swiss (I sympathise with you as I hate hate hate skiing but DS loves it) and we've travelled to the mountains with DC many times. IME night drives are best - but flying is much better!

I always managed to negotiate time off for me while we were skiing either with DH taking the DC or chalet staff/creche taking over so that I could have a Me day (spa or walking or the like!)

One word of warning - don't take your DB too high for the first couple of days (even if you're tempted to meet your DH for lunch somewhere on a peak) as high altitude can affect babes! PM me if you'd like more info xx

hairband Mon 05-Oct-09 07:28:24

Thanks all
Lost sleep about this (over and above sleep lost cos of night wakenings!).. and so nice to wake up and find more replies!
We have a baby carrier already so that is good.
Drayford - how come night drives are best but flying is better?? Thanks for offer of PMing, will do that!!
And alypaly, if you went instead of me it really would solve the problem!! grin

hairband Mon 05-Oct-09 07:30:40

Just tried to PM you Drayford but don't have that facility apparently, could always set it up though xx

piscesmoon Mon 05-Oct-09 07:33:16

I think that Drayford has a good idea, I would make sure that DH has at least one day off skiing and you have time to yourself, or you have a family day.
I can see that, because of the nature of the party, it might be difficult to get someone in your place- but you could try. My problem, as a single parent, was finding people to go with. Perhaps he has a friend whose DW hates skiing? I have taken mine young, but until they get to about 6yrs it is hard work more than fun.
If you do go I wouldn't worry about it yet-your baby will have doubled in age by then and I think you will be finding it easier. Are any of the other women non skiers?

MmeGoblindt Mon 05-Oct-09 07:40:42

I would definitely fly over, it is a long and boring drive for a 6 month old baby.

Don't bring nappies/food etc for baby, you can get that here. Bring enough for the first few days and if you are FF check if the formula you use is available here. If not, bring it over, it does not weigh much.

You can take your car seat and pram on the plane. They allow you to take the pram right up to the steps of the plane.

Where are you going? France or Italy?

hairband Mon 05-Oct-09 07:59:16

1 handed typing now as babe on shoulder..
firstly bowled over by support.. thank q

will mull over re his friends whose wives hate skiing...

am BF .. will be onto weaning by then i guess but have just heard bout babyled weaning, avoids need 4 pureeing?

thanks 4 info re carseat+pram+plane

going 2 france

x x

hairband Mon 05-Oct-09 08:01:22

what about how cold it is? and going outside with him? can mostly stay in chalet but will need to get out a bit.. like having daily walk @home..

MmeGoblindt Mon 05-Oct-09 08:14:34

We live near Geneva and the mountains near here (Chamonix) are fab in winter. It is often lovely and sunny up there, when it is cold and misty down in the valleys.

It is cold but wrap up warm, get a snow suit for baby and off you go. I have often seen people out with wee babies on sledges, with a cosy toes or a sheepskin underneath.

Do you have a warm cosytoes? You will need that.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 05-Oct-09 08:24:49

We are near to Zurich and my dd skis's like billyo. I was astonished to see toddlers who weren't fully stable walking skiing like pros. Also, babies in little sleeping bag like things being towed along on sledges. It is quite often really hot in the sun so make sure you get some sun block too. If I'm gong to be perfecly honest, I think you may get bored, I generally take my dd for her ski lessons and spend the day in a cafe rather than drive home. Dull dull dull describes my days. Take a good book or an ipod with you.

LIZS Mon 05-Oct-09 08:51:00

Travelling is not difficult ether way at that age - you can fly with buggy and car seat - but consider the transfer time to resort or you are looking at about 10 hours driving depending whereabotus it is . However if the scenario is the same as you described before - remote, on-piste chalet, friends with no kids etc - then coupled with your evident anxiety I'd give it a miss tbh.

It may be very cold in January(take layers for baby including hat, mittens and glasses , raincover for buggy to keep wind off, cosytoes), lonely and frustrating for you unless your dh will give you a break and not ski each day to share time with you and ds(which seems unlikely to be top of his priority list if he has gone ahead regardless). Where are they going , perhaps others can make specific suggestions as to suitability of that resort for non skiers.

Book a nice warm break for you as a family as a first trip together and go skiing another year.

piscesmoon Mon 05-Oct-09 08:56:53

My DH tried lessons and didn't take to it, and it is boring if you don't ski. He doesn't like the cold. The weather is a problem, I had assumed that if he didn't like skiing he could go up the mountain and sit in the sun, but although I took him at Easter it was a whiteout all week and we never saw the mountain tops until the last day! The next year I left him at home and took the DSs on my own and although it was Feb it was hot and sunny all week!
You need to be prepared for all weather-I have been in January when it was so cold that it hurt to breathe and in that case you would need to keep the baby inside-however that was unusual.
Are you good friends with the other women going? Even if you don't know them too well I would suggest that you get together and discuss it-find out how they plan to spend the week.
I'm not trying to put you off! It is just that keen skiers, like your DH, tend to gloss over the details! Travel will be the worst part, but in many ways a baby is easier than a restless toddler. Once you get there it should be fine, France will be well geared up for baby products, the only real problem might be boredom.

Drayford Mon 05-Oct-09 09:27:02

hairband sorry I meant CAM me via mumsnet (should work). you can email me on info@ if you like.

I meant that if you must drive, then drive at night as you could settle DC to sleep and (depending on where you are driving from and too) door to door is sometimes more convenient from the point of stuff you can take with you. Whereas, you are restricted on luggage on the plane (which is great when you have toddlers or older DC as they cannot take the contents of their toybox/playroom/bedroom etc!) and flying is much quicker.

If you have DC who get car sick - climing winding roads up valleys and mountains is better at night as they may be asleep.

All the above is from experience (mine) and is not necessarily the best advice.

Where are you going BTW?

alypaly Mon 05-Oct-09 10:10:48

hairband really sound as if you're not too keen on going.

Get the all in one baby ski suits, i got a lovely pair of leather sheepskin gloves with the sheepskin on inside and suede on outside. They kept my little ones fingers as warm as toast. Put a few layers on them as it is better than one thick item and if he is going in the sun, put a high factor sun cream on him.
Mine were out nearly all day,so dont worry about the cold,as long as they are wrapped up,treat him normally.

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