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disneyland paris

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yingers74 Thu 09-Jun-05 09:38:57

Am thinking of going for a short break there with a 2 year old. What is accomodation like and the food? Also am going on eurostar, is that a good idea or is it better to take the car? And one last thing, french is not that great, will that be a problem?

any advice greatly appreciated!

hayleylou Thu 09-Jun-05 09:42:19

I would go it is great for big kids as well!!! We stayed in central Paris so I cannot help there but Euro star is fab your get in straight into Paris and then another train to Euro disney it is a brilliant way to travel. Most of the staff speak 3 or 4 different laungage and they have badges on them to tell you want they speak!!

hayleylou Thu 09-Jun-05 09:45:16

Another tip is to buy your disneyland tickets in the UK it is cheaper, you can get them from The Disnet Store The travel agent reccommended this to us

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 09-Jun-05 10:02:33

When I went it was for a valentines trip so we flew to Paris and then went to DisneyLand on the train which wasnt a long trip.

I bought the tickets from the disney store I think they were £20. I could be wrong though as it was 5 years ago.

Have fun though, it's great there.

lucykatie Thu 09-Jun-05 10:06:35

hi,we have been loads and its fab.

we always stay in the disneyland resort holiday inn hotel.

its amazing, lovely and clean, friendly,posh.....they love kids...and its just outside disneyland, you can see it from some bedrooms,there is a huge bus which comes to the hotel doorstep every 10 minutes and you just hop on and it takes you right into disney,where you get off you get back on to get back to hotel.....soooooo easy....and free, also kid friendly as tons of space for buggys etc, and also if its full you know its not a huge wait for next bus. only advice is dont get on first 3 buses of the day as they will be busy.

we love it at this hotel and disney.

as for travel we have only travelled by air, and that is so easy too.

the eurostar goes right into disney...lin fact the station is next to disneys gates....alot of people then get on to the relevant buses to get to hotels, thats free like i said.

lucykatie Thu 09-Jun-05 10:08:31

also we got our disney tickets from hotel and they are no cheaper.

also a fab disney shop in the hotel...

makes me go all tingly when i think of exciting.

yingers74 Thu 09-Jun-05 14:57:26

tah for advice, think disneyland may be a winner!

LIZS Thu 09-Jun-05 15:09:49

Go before your child turns 3 , cos they go free, including entrance tickets and Character Breakfast and Buffalo Bill's, although you have to pay more if only 2 paying adults occupy the room. You won't need a car if you stay close by, you could walk or use courtesy busses. Not a problem if you don't speak French, the park staff are pretty international, but be prepared for some snooty looks if you ask anything awkward !

Skribble Sat 11-Jun-05 00:16:36

If you stay in Paris you can get a combined day ticket and train ticket. That lets you into 1 park for hte day and the other after about 5pm. With a 2yr old I would leave the studios until the evening.

If you are going for the first time I would stay in Disney. Sequioa Lodge is good, Newport, lovely, they say the best thing about the NewYork style one is the veiw of Newport, and the mexican one never seems to get good reveiws.

Going by Euro star is fine but timetables can be a little confusing for the RER, the trains have a four letter name and you have to fgger out what name you are looking for its all on big boards along with a map in the stations, don't panic if you miss atrain while checking this thay are very frequent and better than going on the wrong train.

If driving you go right round Paris past GDG airport and miss out the centre.

We flew in to Beauvais with Ryan air and hired a car, the second time when we stayed in Paris we took the bus from Beauvais in to Paris (takes ages), no train station and quite far out from Paris. Note that the Disney buses don't serve Beauvais. We have flew into CDG and the shuttle bus was great.

Food in DLP is pretty rubbish, during the summer you can at least sit outside. They can't do fast food, they try but they can't, its slow and cold.

Buffet style and self service seem best as you will wait forever for service. Ok if with partner to keep seats and amuse children rather than trying to find seat with tray in hand.

Tip for cheaper soft drinks and snacks pop in to the train station positioned between hotels and entrance, has a kiosk and vending machines. Also there is alegedly a petrol station bhind one of the hotels but never tried that.

With regards to speaking french do try a little it is appreciated, I never learned Frech at school but picked up enough to buy tickets and order food in Paris.

Skribble Sat 11-Jun-05 00:21:18

P.S. Find out childs weight in kilos, in case you need clpol or whatever in the on site medical centre. They wern't going to give me any because I only knew DS weight in lbs.

P.P.S. The buggys you can hire are fine but they don't recline and worth taking a bike chain as you will have to pay a heafty deposit.

Tortington Sat 11-Jun-05 00:53:13

we have just comeback. didn't stay at disney but went for the day. i detested it - however i do have a tip. if you buy a studio ticket you can go into disneyland after 5pm on the same ticket. so make sure you go on a day when disneyland shuts later. we went it shut at 8pm that gave us 3 hours to hate every minute!
still its worth knowing

calpopscalum Sat 11-Jun-05 16:47:49

We went in Dec and it was fab!! Stayed at the Newport but wouldn't pay the extra again as we only did ot for the pool and we were too busy to use it!! If you save your tesco clubcard vouchers, send em off for Cresta holiday vouchers and book through them as you get 4 x times the value of your vouchers!! Our holiday costs 3500 ish and only cost £120 in tesco vouchers so it was all paid for! Food is quite expensive - we tended to take a few rolls and jam with us from breafast and a lot of people were doing that. Eurostar gets right in to the resort and our friends did that with a toddler and loved it. We drove as dh gets free petrol and both ours were under 3 then so wouldn't have got a seat on Eurostar. Friends recommended hte Sequoia Lodge.

For food you often get money off vouchers for a a different restaurant when you eat out, so we just used them the next night and ate where we ahd vouchers for money off. Agree with the 'fast food' - crap but indeoor play area was popular.

have fun - we're saving our tesco vouchers to go back but will have to pay for kids next time - bah!

Skribble Sun 12-Jun-05 22:58:40

I found as well we didn't have time to get to the hotel pool, so don't worry to much about what facilities the hotels have as you will only have breakfast then out until bedtime. Breakfast seems to be much the same in all the hotels, continental buffets, inc cold meats and yogurts so I suppose you could discretly get a few supplies for the day ahead.

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