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Eeek! Globespan's pitiful baggage allowance

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kikidee Wed 08-Jun-05 21:07:35

DH, DS and I are flying to Portugal on Saturday with Globespan. DH and I are allowed 20kgs baggage each, nothing for DS as he's an infant. Have just checked the rules and hand baggage is part of the total baggage allowance. Extra baggage is charged at £5 per kilo. Does anyone have any experience of how rigidly they enfore the rules? Do they weigh your hand baggage as well? We've also got a buggy but I'm assuming that doesn't also count. Anyone know?

KathH Wed 08-Jun-05 21:10:25

Never had hand luggage weighed and have never had buggy counted as luggage but it should tell you somewhere in small print about buggy.

kikidee Wed 08-Jun-05 21:14:49

I've checked the small print and can't see anything about buggies but that's a relief to know they might not weigh the hand luggage.

Mosschops30 Wed 08-Jun-05 21:24:20

Message withdrawn

kikidee Wed 08-Jun-05 21:45:50

Thanks Mosschops. I've never known hand luggage to be weighed either but it says they can in the small print. A friend has just been away with her dd and they had an allowance of 30kg times 2 which they used in full so it has sent me into a bit of panic. I'm hoping they will use their discretion as we have ds and we are mostly definitely not taking the piss. Me and DH are taking the bare minimum of clothes and shoes.

Hulababy Thu 09-Jun-05 14:23:48

Agree with others that luggage allowance is normally 20kg, and none for infants. Infact some of the cheaper airlines allowance is only 15kg!

Hoiwever, hand luggae is not normally included in that. I have never had my luggage weighed, but some checkouts do have a special hand luggage thing to check its size. hand luggage is mormally restricted by size, and they can check it. If it is too big they can ask you to check it in instead.

Buggy has never been counted for us.

Chuffed Thu 09-Jun-05 14:33:13

This amount is quite normal and I have had my hand luggage weighed a number of times. If they do want to weigh it, take out camera/video camera and put them around your neck, take out your water bottle, they tried to charge inclusive weight with a water bottle for my mum on a flight last month.
Buggy should count as seperate. 40kg is actually quite a bit of luggage if your suitcases aren't heavy and the weight is actually luggage. Some suitcases weigh in at about 6kg so that doesn't leave a lot of fill before they are over.
Weigh your luggage before you go, wear your heaviest clothes on the plane (ie shoes actually can weigh a bit especially mens).
You'll be fine!

kikidee Thu 09-Jun-05 22:52:53

Thanks ladies. Have pared the packing down again, bought some mini toiletries today and as you suggest Chuffed, I am wearing my heaviest outfit! DH was pondering whether he could wear all his T-shirts on the flight! Wait till he finds out he's got to wear his scuba diving flippers, mask and snorkel too as they're too heavy too pack..........just kidding.

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