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Silly question but do disney hotels in paris have

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paranoidmother Sat 03-Oct-09 08:19:18

towels already in them? I'm assuming they do as why wouldn't they but thought I'd ask. I'm trying to make a list of things to pack. Anything I don't have to pack would be very helpful.


Geepers Sat 03-Oct-09 08:21:46

they do, but not enough and they are tiny. We have just come back from there and was glad I took large bath towels with us as they only left three in the bathroom and I'd have needed all of them to wrap around me.

paranoidmother Sat 03-Oct-09 08:25:51

thank you. think I will take some in that case then. As i'm not small and with 4 of us we might need to dry off if it rains.

DadInsteadofMum Mon 05-Oct-09 09:12:44

You just ask for extra and they will bring them to your room.

mumoverseas Mon 05-Oct-09 13:29:52

agree with Geepers. we went in July and there were 2 large towels and 2 small towels for 6 of us hmm Thankfully we'd taken our own

paranoidmother Mon 05-Oct-09 21:41:58

OK I think with 4 of us we'll take a couple of towels but also be ready to ask for more if needed.

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