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European Centerparcs - help and advice please!

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Holymoly321 Thu 01-Oct-09 12:59:08

We've gone to UK Centerparcs at least once a year, usually twice for a few years now, but I keep hearing how CP in Europe is much better and much much cheaper. Now I've just had a look at the website and that doesn't seem to me to be the case at all - in fact a like for like villa was more expensive. Am I missing something?

LadyMuck Thu 01-Oct-09 13:02:50

How far in advance are you booking, and did you go far enough through the booking process to get all the discounts? The headline price may be similar but the discounts bring it down.

Centreparcs Europe have an early booking discount as well as a family discount for many of the weeks (Eu holidays don't always tie in with UK ones).

Holymoly321 Thu 01-Oct-09 13:08:47

Ah, hi LM. We were thinking of going sometime early next year, FEb or March. We're very flexible. Do you know which are their dates to avoid due to thier school hols?

LadyMuck Thu 01-Oct-09 13:21:46

If you look here then on the right hand side you will see when the 15% family discount applies (though these are the 2009 dates, so you will need to check 2010. In addition you will get another 15% for booking 4-6 months ahead (you would get 20% if you booked more than 6 months ahead). So if you avoid Feb halfterm then you get a 30% discount. So on those prices a week at the end of March in a 4 person premium villa would be 489 Euros. Obviously the £ isn't as strong as it used to be, so not as fab a saving as before.

LadyMuck Thu 01-Oct-09 13:24:50

Looking at the CP UK site a week in March in an exec villa (assuming similar) would be £678.

Holymoly321 Thu 01-Oct-09 17:25:23

Thanks LadyMuck - will have another look. Such a damn shame about the Euro!

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