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Best airline for short haul with 4 mnth baby

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tmrick Tue 22-Sep-09 13:12:38

Hi there

I want to travel on my own from Yorkshire to NE Scotland with a 4 mnth old baby to visit family. We use a Quinny Buzz 3 and a maxi-cosi cabrio with it. The airline choices we have are: Eastern Airways, BMI regional and Flybe... I have flown all these on my own, but never with baby in tow!

Does anyone have any experience of travelling with any of these with a baby?

They all seem to suggest they will carry the pushchair, and Flybe say the car seat too. I would be happy to pay for an extra seat for baby, but as the car seat is rear-facing, this is probably not an option.

Do you think they will they let me use the buzz / maxi cosi combo up until boarding and then put in the hold? Or will I have to check both when we check in?

Any thoughts / guidance much appreciated!!

EldonAve Thu 24-Sep-09 21:04:01

Usually they will let you take the buggy to the gate

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