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manicmuvvaof3 Mon 06-Jun-05 10:59:42

Hi, this summer we are finally having a holiday near St Tropez in a mobile home (yippee!!). DH terrified of flying but has been on a fear of flying course and MAY be persuaded into it . I personally can't face driving from NE England with DSs 7 and 6 and DD who will be 5 months. Any tips for which airline (preferably from Newcastle or Teesside), do the cheepy ones (Easyjet etc) let you on first if flying with kids - I've heard its a free for all when boarding ... TIA.

Ellbell Mon 06-Jun-05 12:41:50

I hate flying too, so would love to know how successful your dh's course has been. We drove from N.England to Italy last year (ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge which was great, plus one night in a hotel in Germany). However, I can see why flying would be less stressful! (We do a lot of long journeys and have just invested in an in-car DVD system!) I think that all airlines let families with small children on first. I've only flown once with my dd1 (when she was c. 5 months) and that was with a cheapie airline (can't remember which one now, though) and they definitely let us on first. I'm sure you'll be OK. I also always tell the check-in staff that I am a nervous wreck (esp. if travelling alone). Have often ended up with a seat by the emergency exit (with more space) that way! I find it less scary sitting towards the middle of the plane - hate being at the front or back. I know that you can get cheap flights to Nice from Leeds/Bradford - don't know if that's any good for you?
Good luck and have fun

manicmuvvaof3 Mon 06-Jun-05 13:10:25

Thanks for responding Ellbell - I found your comments really useful - and reassuring. Will look into flights from leeds/b'ford as that's not too far away from us. DHs fear of flying course (through Virgin airways) helped him fly to Jersey last summer for my sister's wedding and he also flew to a job in Prague in Nov. He hasn't flown since then tho and is becoming more and more nervous. Think he will have to go on a refresher if we DO decide to fly! Enjoy your summer and thanks again.

Tortington Mon 06-Jun-05 14:04:16

ever considered mobile home or camping holdiay in northern france then you can drive there between you.

lapsedrunner Mon 06-Jun-05 15:57:09

Perhaps if you ask you might get priority boarding, however I fly regularly on my own with ds (2.8) and have never been offered priority boarding. Actually after reading excellent advice on MN I now try to board as late as possible in order to minimise time ds is required to sit still!!!

Ellbell Mon 06-Jun-05 16:00:23

Yes... I get worse if I don't fly for a while. Haven't flown for a couple of years now and the thought makes me quite nervous. But on the way home from somewhere I'm always a lot better than on the way out. But I've never been bad enough not to go somewhere - I always just brazen it out (though I nearly didn't fly home from Scotland once after I flew to Glasgow for a job interview and had the most terrifying landing ever... got quite drunk in order to get on the plane home, and then realised I'd left car in airport carpark at the other end... eeek!). We're going to northern France this summer, but we all hate the heat, so that's our reason for not going further South. Have fun in St Tropez!

Ellbell Mon 06-Jun-05 16:01:56

lapsedrunner... that's what I do when travelling alone, actually. Just to minimise the amount of time I have to spend on the plane! (I'm quite claustrophobic.) I do always wonder though if by doing that I'm risking being the one they throw off if they find the plane is over-booked. But I doubt they'd throw you off with a small child in tow.

jessicasmummy Mon 06-Jun-05 16:02:04

Easyjet do have priority boarding for those with young children, so because u will have tiny tot, you will get proirity boarding. HTH

elliott Mon 06-Jun-05 16:06:37

easyjet fly to Nice from Newcastle - I was very impressed with them last year, as others have said, you get priority boarding with the kids.

manicmuvvaof3 Mon 06-Jun-05 17:11:41

Thanks v much guys - v encouraging. Custardo - yes, we have been to N France loads of times both pre and with kids and loved it but last time it POURED down for 2 weeks - luckily we knew the area and managed to keep the DSs amused (then aged just 3 and 4 and half). We really want some sun this time, went to S of France 2 years ago with DSs and they managed fine PLUS we are not paying for the accommodation so feel we MUST make the most of this . Off to look at Easyjet site now, thanks all.

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