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Lake District - July Holiday

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ricecake Mon 06-Jun-05 09:33:28

I have never been there ! We would like to take the cheap option - i.e. drive there from London and stay at a self catering place. We are 3 adults (DH + My mother + me) and DS who will be
1 year old by then

Any recommendations for self-catering places (not more than £350.00 per week) please ? I don't know the lakes at all so please recommend a town/village that is near one of the lakes.


Anteater Mon 06-Jun-05 09:50:41

A lot depends on which dates in July you require, it all takes off on the 23rd, pre that you should be able to deal.
After that you will be lucky to get anywhere!
Try first. This opereates a mini late bookings section called DMS.
Ring 09091008848 to order the Cumbria Holiday guide.

lilaclotus Mon 06-Jun-05 14:49:53

we're staying in cockermouth (western cumbria) in july for a week. we booked with welcome cottages, which was a good website to book with for our holiday last year in cornwall. we've stayed in threkeld, near keswick, a couple of years ago when we didn't have a child yet.

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