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Centerparcs - do you get an iron in the accomm?

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Rumpel Sun 20-Sep-09 13:46:24

Hi all - not been before so wondering if they provide an iron or do I need to pack a travel iron?


Rumpel Sun 20-Sep-09 16:17:21


Rumpel Sun 20-Sep-09 18:52:07

yes apparently you do!

foxinsocks Sun 20-Sep-09 18:57:32

are you insane? you want to IRON on holiday?

shirley not

Lonicera Sun 20-Sep-09 19:12:33

LOL at foxy

I was going to post saying that I think you get one, but I'm not quite sure as i've never felt the need to iron whilst at CP

foxinsocks Sun 20-Sep-09 19:14:42

lol I mean, I know some people like to look neat and tiday. I try and avoid ironing whilst not on holiday but actively SEEKING to iron on holiday, no no no.

Lonicera Sun 20-Sep-09 19:20:03

CP is strictly jeans and t shirt for me.

After all once you've stuffed your clothes into the locker in the sub-tropical swimming paradise, then been caught in the rain whilst cycling back to the lodge , was there any point to wearing anything that needed ironing?

foxinsocks Sun 20-Sep-09 19:21:30

perhaps she wants to iron the bed sheets wink

Rumpel Mon 21-Sep-09 10:33:23

Eh no. hmm

I only iron what needs to be ironed. However, DH and I are going to get babysitters and try to have 1 meal without DCs (the second time in about 3 years) so I thought it would be nice to look semi-decent for a change smile

DadInsteadofMum Mon 21-Sep-09 11:00:09

Not sure if you get one in the basic accomodation but if not you can borrow one for free at the info desk.

foxinsocks Mon 21-Sep-09 19:07:42

oh I was just teasing Rumpel wink

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