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Looking for Villa in Florida for July - any recommendations of sites?

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mears Sun 05-Jun-05 21:38:52

DH and I have decided to take family to Florida. Would like a villa with 4 bedrooms, pool, spa and gamesroom, about 15 mins from Disney. Anyone any recommendations out there for good sites.

Janh Sun 05-Jun-05 21:47:13

Owners Direct?

Have never used them but have them bookmarked so somebody else must have recommended them!

Janh Sun 05-Jun-05 21:48:13

Orlando/Kissimee is the Disney area btw.

The houses look lovely!

Janh Sun 05-Jun-05 21:50:54

Holiday Rentals we have used but only in Spain.

The very first one has a hot tub and games room!

mummycan Sun 05-Jun-05 21:54:28

We stayed at this one - it was lovely!

the area was quite quiet in September but the villa was roomy -the pool was lovely and there was plenty of space.

Good luck

unicorn Sun 05-Jun-05 22:32:48

Mears, have you checked out this one?...It looks very nice, and very suitable.

mumsnet advert


mckenzie Sun 05-Jun-05 22:35:34

My friend has a great villa that i think fits all your requirements. I'll find out her website address and let you know.

mckenzie Mon 06-Jun-05 08:57:26 is the website for my pal's villa Mears.
The website hasn't been update yet but they now have a brand new games room with pool table/air hockey etc.
She can post you a brochure if you like?

oooggs Mon 06-Jun-05 09:00:30

This one was also recommended on mumsnet.

Haven't used it but have been to the same place and it is lovely

If you did a search it would come up. I haven't figured out how to do links yet

tiredemma Mon 06-Jun-05 09:18:20

try (part of thomas cook group)
the website is geared towards this year but they do have 2006.
they do get competetive prices, ( iwork for orchid but in a different dept, accom is lovely.)

mears Mon 06-Jun-05 12:35:26

Thanks for all the link and offer of brochure mckenzie.

Unfortunately so far we have not seen a villa that has everything that we wanted. Well we have but theyare already booked. DH really wants a spa - we had that last time and it was great relaxing in it in the evening. We are planning a more relaxing holiday this time so won't be spending a lot of time in the parks. Thought the games room would be a good idea mainly for my sons (ages 14-18yrs) as they love pool. Not sure about games room in a garage - will it be oppressive heat? Some specify they have air conditioned games room.

If we can get all we want, then we will settle for spa and lanai - covered area of pool.

Wish there was a website you could put in your requirements and only get that back with availbility. It is the number of villas you have to trawl through that is making us 'curly headed!'

So if anyone knows of a 4 bedded villa, with heated pool, spa, lanai and air conditioned games room within 10 mins of Disney - let me know.

Metrobaby Mon 06-Jun-05 12:56:38

Hi mears - I can highly recommend alexander holiday homes . We stayed in the Windsor Palms resort through them - very cheap and the standard of our villa was exceptional.

tiredemma Mon 06-Jun-05 13:17:12

mears, i cant do links but on this site -
there is a luxury villa 4 bed with spa /games room and pool called the "glenbrook villa"
just 15 mins from disney

triplets Mon 06-Jun-05 16:48:43

We have just booked a villa for next year, I think it sounds perfect for you too. Its on lake davenport, 15 mins from Disney, off the 192, a good position. It is British owned, nice family. It has 4 bedrooms, pool, separate hot tub, better than a spa as its hotter! Games room, bikes for kids, toys, dressing up clothes etc. Being on the lake you can fish, rods provided, picnic areas, walks around the lake etc. she is on several websites but you can find her on ref 2487
I am very impressed with it, lovely themed rooms for the children, very reasonable rates. I trawled thousands of sites to find this one! Let me know if you need more help.

triplets Mon 06-Jun-05 16:53:21

Me again, just remebered a site that was very good was
you can put in your requirements and the owners very quickly get back to you!
good luck

triplets Mon 06-Jun-05 21:06:08

E mailed villa owner and she can do the 2nd-16th July and the 23-30th July, any good?

galaxy Mon 06-Jun-05 21:47:44

There's a villa in Florida being advertised in the small business ads on mumsnet if you're interested (and I was just browsing - it's not mine)!

mears Tue 07-Jun-05 09:18:43

Thanks triplets - we had a look but it wasn't available for this July. Thanks also metrobaby, tiredemma and galaxy.

The good new is we have got booked in a villa called Mickeys Den. It has everything we were looking for except a lanai but there is a huge parasol that will do the job I am sure. We are going on 8th July for 2 weeks and I can hardly wait.

Thanks everyone for your help

triplets Tue 07-Jun-05 09:34:59

I have seen that villa myself, they are all very nice. Have a great time!

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