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OK, if I wait until we can afford it, we will never get to Jamaica - so we are going. Tickets booked but where shall we stay?

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Katymac Thu 17-Sep-09 20:52:34

I want DD to see Jamaica with her father. It is important that we go soon realistically. So I borrowed a shed load of money & booked the tickets.

So now I need a hotel - any suggestions as to where we go?

Katymac Thu 17-Sep-09 21:58:40

No one?

moondog Thu 17-Sep-09 21:59:21

Sorry, but do you make any decision at all ever on your own?

Katymac Thu 17-Sep-09 22:09:44

Occasionally - almost never about holidays

But when you work a 50 hour week with children you don't get out much or talk to many people

Sorry but how else can I get opinions on stuff other than by asking?

moondog Thu 17-Sep-09 22:13:14

Was it you who posted something like 'Where shall I go on holiday?'

Blu Thu 17-Sep-09 22:17:20

Asking for personal recommendations for accommodation in a country you have never been to seems reasnable to me! There's usually a MN-er who can give some glimmer.

Sadly I have no experience of Jamaicam accommodation to pass on.

Have you looked at TripAdvisor fro reviews, or OwnersDirect for houses to rent direct fm the owner?

Oh, check the Guardian online travel pages, they had an article recently about inland villages run by 'maroons' - but i think you had to walk miles through the bush to get tothem!

Sounds exciting anyway - have a great time.

Katymac Thu 17-Sep-09 22:23:01

Moondog yes or 7 or 8 variations of.....

Thanks Blu, I am working my way through TripAdvisor atm

I only get 2 weeks off a year so my holidays are very important to me

This year more than most - because of DH being so ill

Blu Fri 18-Sep-09 17:48:32

KM - start this thread again, In 'Travel Longhaul', with a title that says 'Jamaica - any acommodation recommendations?'. (with the right number of 'c's and 'm's wink)

The people who do know could well not notice the question on the tail of your tickets spiel!

Blu Fri 18-Sep-09 17:50:40

Ans what sort of thing you want - resort hotel, independent family hotel, etc.

As this sounds like a trip about seeing Jamaica from a family and 'roots' pov, maybe self-catering would be better so that you can live more as Jamaicans do? In a nice town or village?

eandh Fri 18-Sep-09 17:51:40

we went to jamaica for our honeymoon and stayed at wyndham rose hall golf and country club - was lovely and staff were excellent and provided transport into montego bay etc will see if I can find link

eandh Fri 18-Sep-09 17:53:18

this is it

eandh Fri 18-Sep-09 17:58:55

video I hope

eandh Fri 18-Sep-09 18:05:48

poo it didnt work sadfound some better pics here

charis Fri 18-Sep-09 18:11:17

we went to roundhill. never again.

The cockroaches were the size of kittens and we were never alone as they had to have so much security.

It is not a romantic holiday if Jean the security guard is standing three feet from your sunbed day and night.

charis Fri 18-Sep-09 18:39:44

But I hope you all have a fantastic time and build some wonderful memories for you dd katymac.

Katymac Fri 18-Sep-09 20:30:44

Thanks eandh & Charis that is good stuff

Rose Hall is a bit expensive for us but looks lovely

I am a bit scared of the insects (less so security wink)

DH is Jamaican so is quite used to the atmosphere

Blu - you could be right.....but I am a bit scared of starting yet another thread blush

I think we are looking at room only or self catering, in Negril or Montego Bay

I quite fancy Rondel Village but we will see

doublehelp Fri 18-Sep-09 21:16:41

we stayed at the sunset jamaica grande in monteago bay last year it was fab, dh wants to go back again next year

Katymac Fri 18-Sep-09 21:37:56

I'll have a look at that on Trip adviser, Thanks

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