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Can any one recomend hotels/appartments in ITALY ??

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purplehaze Sat 04-Jun-05 07:48:35


Were thinking of going to Italy in September, but not sure on accomadation. Someone has recomended Aurum Hotels has any one herad of them???

It will be me, my husband and our 20 month toddler.

And just wondered if any one has ever thought of taking monitors with them so when baby is sleeping you dont have to be in the room.


LIZS Sat 04-Jun-05 07:57:53

anywhere particular in mind ? Monitors are a good idea but their range could be too limited (thinking of one hotel we have stayed at near Lugano where there is a lakeside restaurant, separate to the hotel building so they offer their own listening/baby sitting service), and you might find interference from others doing similar (we stayed in an Esprit hotel in France where everyone seemed to have the same Tomy ones with only 2 channels).

If you ate early would he snooze in a buggy until you got back to your room. The Italians often have children's rides etc going late into the evening on the basis it is cooler then and the kids would have had a nap during the heat of the day so if you can flex his normal routine accordingly you may find it easier in the evenings.

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