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Keeping a 9 mo warm in Prague in December

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Vegemitenotmarmite Mon 14-Sep-09 08:18:58

We're going to Prague the week before Christmas. Have a nice central apartment which we can pop back to during the day to thaw out but much of our sightseeing will be outdoors. How do we keep dd warm? Any tips for Fort Knox style mittens (she's a committed thumbsucker)? Any other tips for Prague with a baby?

MrsBadger Mon 14-Sep-09 08:47:01

at 9mo I think you can still get suits with fold-over mittens. like the scratch mitts on newborn babygrows - this one says 'fold-over cuffs on armsa and legs' but am not sure that is what they mean. If not put the mittens on before the suit - much harder to pull them out of the cuffs

a decent footuff for the pushchair will help a lot - one with a wind/rainproof outside. Kaiser are meant to be fab.

pofacedandproud Mon 14-Sep-09 08:52:38

Lovely. Lucky you! Haven't been for a good few years but as you probably know the centre is pedestrianised so good for buggy. You need a very good cosy toe for buggy and a good all in one, maybe like one

But Prague not always that cold in Dec, depends. And indoors well heated.

pofacedandproud Mon 14-Sep-09 08:53:52

they have good baby thermals on that site too, scandinavian ones.

Vegemitenotmarmite Mon 14-Sep-09 13:54:00

Thanks both. Lovely stuff on these websites. Good to hear it might not be as cold as we thought. Don't suppose you know of any universal cosytoes? We have a Phil and Ted's sport and their sleeping bags would do the job but I think one with more structure would be good.

MrsBadger Mon 14-Sep-09 14:02:59

the Kaiser ones are meant to be universal but you need to shop around for best prices - actually I'm not sure they'll be any better than the P&T one.

Vegemitenotmarmite Mon 14-Sep-09 15:01:04

Thanks MrsB, these do look great - much funkier looking than the P&T ones. Cheaper too on your link.

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