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Driving from UK to Heidelberg

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laraeo Sun 13-Sep-09 10:06:36

After a concerted effort on my part, I've finally convinced DH that we should go somewhere over Christmas. We're only going to be here for another 10 months or so and I don't think we've seen or done enough "stuff" wink. DH has just on driving to Heidelberg. It looks like from Calais it's about 6 hours but we'd like to break the trip up and spend a night somewhere - for DS's sake - he'll be 22 months. Any suggestions? The trip is in its early planning stages and I'm open to and and all suggestions grin.

movingnow Mon 14-Sep-09 17:26:39

Have a look at to get an idea of where half way is and then work from there.

movingnow Mon 14-Sep-09 17:29:37

To be honest if you take the most direct route it is not exactly a scenic drive, more of an autobahn slog.

Portofino Tue 15-Sep-09 09:58:42

Valkenburg? Xmas markets are meant to be lovely. I keep meaning to go. Actually not on direct route. Luxembourg would be!

laraeo Fri 18-Sep-09 12:55:52

Sorry I haven't checked this in a few days. There's been a change of plans and now we're driving to Garmisch in southern Germany which means a longer drive - 9 hours - and I think we'll probaby wind up staying overnight in Metz which is bit under halfway there - according to google maps. I'll check out viamichelin too. Then we'll spend Christmas and a few extra days in Heidelberg before heading back home.

I'll check out Luxembourg for the returnn journey from Heidelberg to Calais - another stamp on DS's passport!

Badpups Sat 19-Sep-09 23:10:53

We travelled to the Chiemsee (similar distance to Garmisch?) when our twins were 4 months old and drove it in one stretch. We stopped every 1.5 - 2 hrs so they could lie flat and stretch and we had no ill effects from it.

I think it depends on how your DS travels. If he's used to long car journeys then travelling it in one day is definitely feasible.

lottysmum Sun 20-Sep-09 15:16:17


We did this journey many many moons ago and we stopped of at fact from memory petrol was allot cheaper in Luxembourg than anywhere else on our journey...

I liked Luxembourg ... definitely worth seeing...I loved Heidelberg...and it will be lovely in the winter.

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