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Am mortified to ask, but could someone teach me how to fly?

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trefusis Sat 12-Sep-09 18:42:51

Message withdrawn

nancy75 Sat 12-Sep-09 18:46:01

put it all in your hold luggage. you can get plastic bags at the airport or just use a sandwich bag i suppose?
generally i try to just not have anything that will cause aggro in my hand luggage. could you buy the whisky once you go through security? you can take as much as you want onboard then.

trefusis Sat 12-Sep-09 18:51:53

Message withdrawn

QOD Sat 12-Sep-09 18:53:44

mascara isnt allowed!
In Turkey they were sniffy about my dd's gel pens - the other thing is maniucure sets, they don't like nailscissors or tweezers etc

nancy75 Sat 12-Sep-09 18:53:55

nail files/clippers scissors are about all i can think of

trefusis Sat 12-Sep-09 18:56:20

Message withdrawn

Bink Sat 12-Sep-09 19:01:07

'sharps' are a problem category - everything from penknives to embroidery scissors. Make sure they're not in your carry-on. They will get confiscated, even if they're Aunt Maude's heirloom engraved miniature silver ones.

Re the liquids, bear in mind (a) you won't be allowed any item at all that's over 100ml; and (b) it means gels too - so it makes sense to separate make-up into dry (eyeshadow) and not-dry (which includes lipstick and mascara) and put the not-dry stuff (each one of which must be in less-than-100ml quantities) into a ziplock clear plastic bag. Generally, security staff have a stash of those to hand out - but it helps to do the separation in advance as otherwise you get raised eyebrows about holding up the queues.

If you wear shoes with substantial heels (this includes trainers) you may be asked to take them off and put them through the scanner. So wear socks etc. that you don't mind being seen; and (experience talking) it isn't really the best idea to be wearing climbing boots with multiple hook&eye lacing systems. Slip-ons are best - and if you wear light flat ones you probably won't be told to take them off at all.

The thing you see bins full of is people's bottles of Evian water - it's second nature to carry water nowadays but you won't be allowed to carry it through. (You will of course be able to buy another bottle after security, and take that on the plane.)

trefusis Sat 12-Sep-09 19:17:43

Message withdrawn

Bink Sat 12-Sep-09 19:43:17

Yes - hold stuff just gets the old "did you pack this yourself? Has anyone given you anything to carry? Are you carrying any electrical equipment?" So all the scissors, toiletries, etc. problems only apply to cabin bags.

Oh, also, if you have a laptop in your carry-on that will get taken out of its carry-case and examined separately.

trefusis Sat 12-Sep-09 20:03:14

Message withdrawn

gallery Sat 12-Sep-09 21:36:55

Hi, I fly between UK and Ireland a lot so here is my advice (I take the ferry now as I find flying so much hassle on short haul)
1. Allow lots of time for security- add at least 1 hour on to whatever amount of time you previously used as a yardstick
2. Have passport- don't laugh, for years I flew between ireland and uk with no passport, just id available if they asked, now I always carry passport
3. No liquids in hand luggage- I drop my handbag and re pack a handbag I don't normally use just in case I have some vial of perfume tester zipped away.
4Carry a platic bag (like a freezer bag) just in case
Bink gives good detailed advice

Also, don't take the piss- like 'what you think I might carry a bomb in there' -people take this seriously- other travellers as well as security staff. Accept the delays are aimed at keeping you safe.

If you take your own freezer bag make sure its one of those resealable ones. I took a small freezer bag last year and the guard made me buy an expensive one from their vending machine as he said it needs to be resealable. hmm So this year I got a small resealable freezer bag and that was fine.

oldraver Sun 13-Sep-09 22:40:39

I got a see through pencil case with a zip from our local toy shop to use to put the 'liquids' in. I would put as much in your hold as possible (luckily I'm not girlie enough to need to carry make in my hand luggage) but there are some things you may not want to do without like lipsalve

BattyBum Mon 14-Sep-09 00:21:33

They don't hand out bags now you have to get them from a vending machine, much better to have your own for stuff like lip salve etc, see through pencil case is ideal.

Once through check in you can buy stuff like water from Boots.

If taking whiskey pack in hold luggage, but pack it very well, TBH might be too much hassle, could buy some at airport once through security, they pack it in a sealed bag to carry on.

They will ask you too remove most high heels and boots, plus random shoes, clean socks essential grin.

I have had no hassle with my tweezers or hairstraighteners in my carryon luggage but if checking in bags its would be easier to put it all in their.

Treeesa Mon 14-Sep-09 00:26:59

Many airlines now seem to be really serious about only allowing one item of hand luggage - including hand bag.. If you have two bags with you then unless one will tuck inside the other then they make you check it.. This was the case with us in the summer when we went away..

SolidGoldBrass Mon 14-Sep-09 01:34:27

Haven't read thread but have you tried flapping your arms and jumping off something?
(Disclaimer, this may not work terribly well)

DadInsteadofMum Tue 15-Sep-09 11:36:26

Time for security depends on airport, e.g. if you are flying out of Belfast City you will be security quite quickly (never taken me longer that 20 minutes). If you return is through Heathrow then best to turn up about 24 hours before your flight.

oldraver Thu 17-Sep-09 00:01:18

BATTY Gatwick had two girls handing out bags last week free. Birmingham a few moths ago were still using the vending machine

herethereandeverywhere Tue 29-Sep-09 08:38:58

Re: the plastic bags for liquids, the jobsworth security guy at City (George Best, whatever its called) made me buy 3 for £1 from the vending machine (not free like in the big airports on the mainland) because the one I was using wasn't quite the right dimensions...

If you don't want hassle at security just check-in anything that might be considered liquid or sharp. MUCH easier than panicking and rummaging through your bag in the security queue.

Also, I know that traditionally in NI (that's where my hubby is from so have travelled there lots) you get to the airport about half an hour before the flight.....things are MUCH busier and slower than they used to be. Get there in plenty of time and take a good book/magazine and treat yourself to some quiet time if you get through the miriad of queues and to the gate with time to spare.

Also there's the one hand luggage bag rule that most arlines now have - so if you have a handbag THAT IS IT it's not hangbag plus one other.

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