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anyone been to lefkas with simply travel?

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Else Fri 03-Jun-05 10:53:13

has anyone been to lefkas with simply? What's the chilcare (5 yr DD) and accomodation like?

Enid Fri 03-Jun-05 10:55:56

has your child changed sex Else she was a boy on your other thread

I've not been but a friend has and liked it very much.

can I just say, totally overstepping the mark, but hey ho, if your 5 year old is as stressed as you say on your other thread you'd do better to go somewhere with NO childcare and spend all the holiday with her/him.

go on flame me but I don't care

janinlondon Fri 03-Jun-05 11:52:09

There have been some previous threads on this in the archived messages - do a search on Mousses. We've been and it was fabulous.

Else Fri 03-Jun-05 15:33:01

Great . Have looked at the archive. Very helpful (definitely better than just slagging off working mothers as the one before!0

Willow2 Sat 04-Jun-05 19:35:08

Fabulous - well, it was last year so we're going again this year (with 5 year old ds). The houses at Mousses are great. Think they are all identical in layout, only difference is paint colour - they have fridge, cooker, microwave, tv, cd, shower room, en-suite loo, air-con and two bedrooms - one double, one twin. Stairway is partially open, which might cause problems for very little ones. (That said, the lovely rep' apparently made a makeshift stairgate for someone, and things could have changed this year.) They all look out on to the pool and olive groves. The family who run the place are lovely too. When are you thinking of going? Not sure there's much left for the holidays.

hunkermunker Sat 04-Jun-05 19:38:19

I agree with Enid. Just seen your other thread.

Of course, you could be talking about the occasional evening babysitter, so the benefit of the doubt applies here

Willow2 Tue 07-Jun-05 15:44:41

Have you booked, Else?

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