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Is it worth trying to haggle hotel price for Tenerife hotel for late hol.

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I could go to this hotel with Thomson inc flights for £320 per person. But they don't fly the dates I want.

I've found flights at £207 each return but the hotel want 490 euros for the week, which must be over £400. Do yo ureckon I could get hotel down to £300? Is it worth asking?

Drayford Fri 11-Sep-09 09:39:26

You've nothing to lose by asking. If you say to them you are also looking elsewhere but you like the look of their hotel better they may do you a deal or upgrade your room for the same price - speak to the Manager or reservations Manager if you can or email them - tell them that you found their hotel with Thomson but you'd much rather deal direct. IME Thomson will be paying considerably less than 490 euros for the week - possibly as little as a third of that!

I've had varying success when trying to do deals with hotels- Chain hotels are notoriously difficult sometimes, but some do follow the "bums on seats" rule (as do I with my own holiday business) and let at a discount rather than be empty. Remember you can always just walk away from the negotiation.

Good luck !!!!smile

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