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Easter Holidays- Ideas for something different.

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Skribble Thu 02-Jun-05 20:33:11

I have been looking for a good price for 14 nights in Florida with little success.

I would appreciate some original ideas for a holiday with DH, DS 9 and DD 6.

Considered skiing but worried cost of outfits, ski hire and passes.

They are fairly adventurous kids and I would like some kind of activities for us all, but I don't mean holiday kids clubs.

I have very low tolerance levels regards other children, noisy drinkers and have managed to avoid a med beach holiday so far.

Maybe canoing in the south of france or white water rafting in canada .

Skribble Thu 02-Jun-05 21:00:11

Bump come on I'm sure you lot don't all go to Benidorm every summer and stick your kids in the clubs all day.

Katemum Thu 02-Jun-05 22:04:23

I am absolutely no use to you as havn't been on holiday for 8 years but didn't want you to feel completely ignored

Skribble Thu 02-Jun-05 22:05:29

Thankyou so much, who would have guessed sequined boleros were so popular.

copycat Thu 02-Jun-05 22:53:33

Hi scribble, how about Kenya/Tanzania safari or South Africa (part safari, part touring, Victoria Falls etc plus Sun City resort for a couple of days at the end where you can take a hot air balloon ride, learn archery, ride a quad bike or an elephant, swimming, waterslides etc).

copycat Thu 02-Jun-05 23:34:31

Just a thought about Florida, if it IS somewhere you fancy ... we went there for a week at Easter this year but because flights to Orlando are big money at Easter we flew to Boston spent three days there, drove down to New York and spent five days there, caught an internal flight to Orlando from New York and stayed in a huge villa for 8 nights (with own pool and games room in garage) then flew back to New York to catch return flight to UK. Return flights London to Boston/New York to London with British Airways cost £830 for the four of us incl tax and the Florida villa was £450 for 8 nights (could have easily got much cheaper accommodation in Orlando than that). I booked everything (flights, car hire, hotels in Boston and New York, internal US flights etc) myself separately. If you just fancy touring Florida by itself then flights in and out of Miami would probably be cheaper than flights into Orlando airport - Easter school holidays is one of the most expensive times of year to visit Florida.
As an alternative have you thought of touring California? San Francisco, LA, Hollywood, San Diego and Las Vegas or a similar itinery. The Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park etc are great places to visit. Our ds's were 8 and 5 when we went and they loved the holiday. There's a Disneyland near Los Angeles if you wanted to include a day or two at a theme park.
Well enough from me. I am sure other Mumsnetters will come up with some great ideas too. Happy planning

Skribble Mon 06-Jun-05 00:03:59

Thanks again,

I did like the idea of florida as hubby wanted somewhere warm and the kids would love the parks. But I'm not prepared to pay an so much to trail the around theme parks for a fortnight. I feel I could get much bettere value for my money doing something else.

Hubby has come up with the idea of touring europe, after saying he didn't want to do much driving . So I am now trying to plan an itinary that will give us 2 nights at each place.

swedishmum Mon 06-Jun-05 02:16:47

Think carefully before you go for a touring holiday with kids. My lot get bored quickly and they are well travelled - dd11 has already done 23 countries. Invest in a dvd player for the car if you haven't got one already - I'd love my kids to be seduced by the scenery but it just doesn't happen!

Skribble Mon 06-Jun-05 23:41:35

Yes we've got the DVD player, we would hope to keep jounrney's a short as possible, either that or we just stopover and spend at least a week at 1 place.

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