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Anyone live in or near Luton?

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Mosschops30 Thu 02-Jun-05 16:55:12

Message withdrawn

Mosschops30 Fri 03-Jun-05 08:48:46

Message withdrawn

Mosschops30 Fri 03-Jun-05 11:36:32

Message withdrawn

GRMUM Fri 03-Jun-05 11:49:28

I've flown into luton airport and then transfered to a station to get the train into London. As I remember it was only a few platforms ? 4. But I don't know if that was Luton's main sation or not. Sorry not much help really!

TracyK Fri 03-Jun-05 11:59:52

theres luton parkway - which is only a little station - but theres luton normal - but sorry - don't know how big it is.

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