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Nervous flyer- please reassure me about flying with a 11 mo!

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sweetnitanitro Tue 08-Sep-09 11:43:58

I am not a good flyer, in the past I have had tranquillisers (am prone to panic attacks due to mental health issues) but now that I am BF I can't take them or drink copious amounts of rum.

DH and I are off to Rotterdam this weekend and it will be the first time we have flown with DD (after having cancelled a previous holiday, boo). It's only a half hour flight so I'm not too worried about keeping her occupied, but as a nervous flyer I am overly concerned, or rather a bit paranoid, about safety and I can't seem to find the answers to some questions I have.

1. What about oxygen masks, do they have extra ones for babies? I tried asking my friend this but she said if the oxygen masks come down you are all screwed anyway hmm

2. What about restraints, will she be OK on my lap? Do I need to get an extra harness and will I be able to get one at the airport?

3. I've read about taking car seats on a plane but I don't think I've ever actually seen one on a plane. We are going to take the car seat but we were going to check it. Anyone know anything about this?

Any other words of wisdom to stop me freaking out would be very welcome grin TIA!

Treeesa Tue 08-Sep-09 12:05:11

First of all I can sympathise with you - I was noriginally ever been keen on flying but in the past due to my DH job we often had trips with our young children to make.

Not sure about the oxygen masks as it depends if you have paid for her own seat. If not then I imagine the airlines MUST have to comply by having all babies and infants that are flying without their own seat, placed in seats that have additional masks available.

Airlines are great at dealing with families with children so don't worry. For a short distance flight then you will be fine with your baby on your lap. They will fit a special harness onto your own seatbelt so your daughter will be secure.

You would only be able to use the car seat if you have paid for the extra seat as you will need to occupy a whole seat to accommodate it. I don't think they would work well though as airline seatbelts are only belt laps, so a car seat would not be secured well enough.

For long distance you have the option of a 'sky cot' which is placed on a fold out table near one of the central bulk heads.

We actually used to travel quite light of baby items.. Our daughter flew with us to Rome when she was just a month old and again at 4 months. She slept in our large suitcase for the whole time we were there!!

Hope it's all OK. Our biggest problem was when we flew to Chicago but the plane was diverted through Toronto due to bad weather. our bags were lost for 24 hours and my DD had possetted all over the back of my shoulder. I had to spend the first 24 hours in this stinking sweater that I couldn't take off as it was pretty cold..! Luckily our bags turned up the next day..

Twinsmommy Tue 08-Sep-09 12:08:52

Oh, bless you sweetnitranitro! Your friend seems rather cruel to tease you like that!

There are plenty of oxygen masks - not that you will be needing them!! They also have life vests for babies so if you are really concerned, if I were you, I'd just have a word with the air hostess when you board and I'm sure she will appease you.

Your DD will travel on your lap. You will have your seatbelt on. Your DD will also have a seatbelt around her, which will loop through your own seatbelt so that you are secured together, so she will be quite safe. No need to purchase any other sort of extra harness.

As regards the car seat. We take our (2) car seats with us everywhere these days. You don't actually take the car seat into the cabin with you, you check-it in at the desk and it goes into the cargo hold for you to collect with your luggage at the other end.

Most airlines allow you to take a car seat per child and also a buggy/pushchair per child free-of-charge in the cargo hold. I would check with the airline to make doubly sure, but it's usually the norm! Much better taking your own than having to worry about either at the other end.

Hope this has eased your fears a little.

Treeesa Tue 08-Sep-09 12:15:40

Sorry I got confused there re. car seat - didn't register that you were just looking to check it in as hold luggage..

sweetnitanitro Tue 08-Sep-09 12:42:12

Thank you both for your advice, I do feel a bit better now! I'll make sure we check in nice and early so I can talk to the aircrew before we get going about safety issues. DH knows what a terrible traveller I am so I'm sure he'll look after me and give me plenty of time to relax pre-flight. Thanks again, you've both been brilliant

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