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vince Thu 02-Jun-05 14:01:58

Hi there,

we're off on holiday for a few months later this year, travelling around with dd who will be 5 months on departure. We're looking for a lightweight versatile travel cot- the Nomad seems to be the weapon of choice for most peeps in this category, but I'm wondering whether to be a patriotic kiwi, and buy a phil and teds traveller- does anybody know if it's available here (UK, and does anybody have any experience of it, or can recommend alternatives.
Nomad seems particularly tempting- it's available for £60 for cot and £20 for inflatable mattress off ebay, from germany.

Chuffed Thu 02-Jun-05 14:18:17

we have the nomad - it looks almost identical to the phil and teds but as I couldn't touch and see the phil and teds decided against theirs.
dd was fine in hers at that age, sheet in the bottom and growbag on.

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