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advice needed on baby food and airlines etc....pleeeeaaaase!

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lucykatie Wed 01-Jun-05 22:50:35

hi, off to ibiza in 3 weeks and taking dd2 with us, she will be 9 months old.

we will be taking jars and tins of baby food with us, do they go in suitcase or hand luggage?

also what on earth do i do with 'little miss wriggle bottom' for the whole flight?

soooo stressed about the whole thing.

Mum2girls Wed 01-Jun-05 23:11:23

hmmmm - first off, I would put some in your hand luggage (enough to see you over a couple of days in case god forbid, your luggage gets delayed) and the rest wrapped in beach towels in your suitcase. If you don't want to take loads with you, there's often a helpline on baby products (food, nappies, wipes etc.) and they can tell you if their products are sold in Ibiza.

What to do with a 9month old - try to keep them awake so they sleep on the plane?? Try to make sure the flight coincides with a meal time - feeding them crackers, a babybel, box of raisins, sandwich can keep them busy for a while.

jenkel Wed 01-Jun-05 23:58:16

A couple of years ago we went to Sardinia with an 8 month old. Didnt take too much food with us, found lots of jars of baby food in the supermarkets which she ate fine, not necessary known brands in the UK though. So she either ate the jars of food that we bought in Sardinia or she ate bits ate bits of pieces of our food, it wasnt too bad as we were in Sardinia so lots of pasta and she even got a liking for Pizza. Since then we have been to Australia with her (now 2 1/2) and her sister who was 9 months. I wouldnt worry too much about taking lots of food out for her whilist you are there because at 9 months they can eat some of the things you eat. Just take lots of non messy snakky things for the flight and a bit in reserve for delays etc. DD2 played for hours with a baloon on our flight back from Australia which she was given at Singapore airport. I would try and get her tired and she will probably sleep most of the way, also the noise of the plane seems to send them to sleep. Have fun!

lapsedrunner Thu 02-Jun-05 05:29:33

Don't bother lugging jars to Ibiza, you'll be able to buy them there.

Steppy1 Thu 02-Jun-05 06:05:05

WOW jenkl you've given me the confidence to give the Australian trip a go !! My input would be similar to all those mentioned with the addition of keep them drinking on the flight as this helps them clear their ears (I'm sure that most of the little screamers that you hear about are in pain with their ears !) Mine are now 4 and 2 and they've been to the States 3 times, Spain (various ) about 4 and they've always been great. For the longer flights I'm afraid I've always resorted to a back up bottle of Tixylix to know them out (blush) and they've always slept really well. You're flight to Ibiza will feel as if it's over just as you get started I'm sure ! have a great time

Pruni Thu 02-Jun-05 07:20:05

Message withdrawn

lucy5 Thu 02-Jun-05 08:14:51

I always go to a cheap shop before I fly with dd who's now 4 and buy a few little things before I fly. Maybe you could buy a lift the flap book or couple of small toys, so it's something new for her. You will find brands that you recognise in Spain such as Pampers which is called Dodot so don't bother lugging loads of nappies. The other thing I reccommend are teething granules from boots, I cant remember what they are called now as I have lived in Spain for a couple of years but they have cammomile(?) in them and really help if her ears hurt. I always used to let dd sleep on the plane, so if you can keep her going until the flight you might be lucky.

pinotgrigio Thu 02-Jun-05 08:57:46

Hi there. I travelled a lot with my DD from 10 months, we've done about 27 flights now. I found a bottle on take off & landing helps with the ears, then lunch/dinner takes up some time on board too. Perhaps take some stickers, they're always good, and a couple of picture books?. If I remember clearly, at around this age the combination of the bottle and motion of the plane at take off made my DD crash out, so it wasn't traumatic at all.

Good luck, it won't be nearly as bad as you think it will! (PS I'm in the process of planning a trip to Australia on my own with DD, now 2.7 - now that's a scary one!)

Hayls Thu 02-Jun-05 09:03:14

To keep my dd occupied i normally take toys that she normally isn't allowed to play with. I hold he on my lap the whole time and she tends not to put things in her mouth too much so I know she's ok- I buy a Teletubies magazine or similar that normally has a free toy or game. Also good are stickers and packs of cards from ELC with pictures on them. They're alse really cheap so it doesn't matter if they get dropped under seats or lost on holiday.

IT's a good idea for her to suck or drink something during take off or landing. Dd has never been upset during a flight and she's now 16 months. You'll probably find that the flight makes her really sleepy anyway.

Good luck!

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