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Flying/Holiday with stroller. Any recommendations?

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forevared Sat 05-Sep-09 16:21:13

We're flying with Thomas Cook later this month and need a stroller for a large 18 month old.
So firstly does anyone know off hand if there are size restrictions for pushchairs in the hold? I know I could phone the airline but I'd probably be on the phone for the best part of September so thought I'd try you lovely mums and dads first.
Secondly then, and more importantly, what would you recommend? My ds is a big 18 month old and the tiny £20 options are just too small. We'd like something that could recline as we've got an early start at the airport and for all those sleepy moments on holiday.
Anything else is a bonus! Thanks in advance x

Julesnobrain Sat 05-Sep-09 23:21:01

You can't beat a Maclearen Techno or Techno classic. They fold up small, they recline all the way back. Ours has been to OZ, USA, alot of europe and although battered is still going strong. They can be pricy but you should be able to get a quality 2nd hand one on ebay. Its not included as part of your luggage, you get a tag, wheel it through security etc and in departures you fold it up and literally leave it right outside the plane door. Baggage handlers then sling it in the hold. Hope that helps.

forevared Sun 06-Sep-09 17:29:53

Thanks for that, I left the same message under products and everyone seems to be recommending Mclarens. I think I'll have a good look on eBay as you suggest. What age does it cater up to? It sounds like you've used yours for quite a while

mrsfossil Mon 07-Sep-09 19:36:44

Definately mclarens ours is battered but we are now on our 2nd child and it was great on holiday.

tvfriend Mon 07-Sep-09 22:31:38

You can use a McLaren for years. If Ds is only 18 months you will get a lot more years use out of it. We have a Quest which is one down from the Techno. It's been everywhere!

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