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patkica Wed 01-Jun-05 16:10:37

I know this has come up before, but has anyone been to the Simply Travel resort in Corsica lately? We're going in Septmeber and would love to know what to avoid, take etc... BTW, if you book it and mention Babygoes2, you will get free child care. This saved us over £300!

florenceuk Thu 02-Jun-05 21:58:55

Patkica, look here: corsica thread

patkica Fri 03-Jun-05 08:33:48

Thanks florenceuk. Mixed review, but I'll cross my fingers: the thought of childcare on a holiday sealed it for us. Will write a full review when we get back

tigermoth Fri 03-Jun-05 08:43:45

we went in September, Patkica. Had a lovely time on the whole. I wrote something on the other thread. Weather was pleasantly warm, not boiling hot, and we had some light rain so be prepared for that. If you have a specific question, I might be able to help, so ask away.

Willow2 Fri 03-Jun-05 09:35:36

It's made it on to the top summer holidays list - look under Various Villas - Corsica.

patkica Tue 07-Jun-05 11:17:22

Thanks Tigermoth. What I'm most worried about is the state of the 'villas'. I know they are basic, but how basic is basic? Can we cook? Is it clean? What equipment do we need to take? DS is not good at sitting still in restaurants, so the kitchen is important.

Willow2 Tue 07-Jun-05 15:43:27

patkica - call Simply Travel. Ask to speak to one of the members of staff who have worked there for ages and will know the property. They are usually really good at giving you very precise information (know this to be the case for Greek resorts). Just don't get suckered into talking to any of the newish staff who've just moved over from Thomson - they know very little about anything at all!

tigermoth Wed 08-Jun-05 07:07:23

Patkica, when we went, the villas were clean, the kitchens had an adequately working cooker, a large fridge and plenty of storage room. No microwave or dishwasher. There were enough utensils, crockery and cutlery - and if we needed something more (like an extra saucepan) the staff were good at finding one for us. We didn't take any special equipment with us. We cooked simple but proper meals like chile and casseroles. Anything particularly gourmet and complicated might have been a problem.

We were told the kitchens were due to be upgraded (this was in 2001) so might be even better now. As willow says, do check with Simply Travel.


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