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Advice please on travelling abroad - destination? Tips?

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Gillyan Thu 03-Sep-09 22:11:55


We have just come back from our camping trip and have decided to definately go abroad next year. Neither me or DP have been abroad in years. I have a 3.6 and a 10 wk old.

Thinking of going to Menorca and want a hotel.

Anyone been anywhere really good for kids that age and not too night clubby? (my clubbing days are so over! )

What do you do with a what will be a 1 yr old on a plane? Do they have their own seat or do you hold them?

Thinking of going mid June.

Please please any advice would be very welcome.

Twinsmommy Fri 04-Sep-09 12:39:25

Hi Gillyan:

I travelled to Spain with my twin boys at 9 months old. At age 1, your child will most definitely be on your lap, with a lap strap, and not in a proper seat (unless you pay for an extra seat for more room - but, let's face it, not many can afford to do that these days).

Most airlines will allow you to carry a car-seat for each child and a pushchair for each child (or a double-buggy) free of charge.

I was lucky in that my twins slept one way, but were quite a handful on the return journey. I think all you can do is hope that the times of your flights are not smack bang in the middle of the day and that your children may sleep. Otherwise, it is difficult. Eating meals is a nightmare also. Although I found that some airlines (if you've ordered a "child's meal") will serve these up well before the adult meals, so that gives you some time to get the younger ones fed.

Can't offer any advice regarding destination, unfortunately. We visited friends so didn't have to suffer a hotel. Hope you have a great time next year.

dorothybunny Fri 04-Sep-09 14:38:32

Hi, We went to Menorca last year with DS's who were 3 and 1 at the time. I've linked to this aparthotel before but can't recommend it highly enough. The pool is very gently shelving, perfect for crawlers/toddlers and the resort is fab for children. Very family friendly. I think Thomson is the only UK company that have allocation but they can only supply 1 bed apt's (at least that was the case last year) so we booked direct with the hotel to get a 2 bed apt. and arranged our own flights separately. HTH

Gillyan Fri 04-Sep-09 19:18:26

Thanks guys

dorothybunny just looked at your link, wow it looks fab! Very interested now! Just looked on Google earth and it looks like anice are with the Marina and lots of bars and rest options and the beach looks really enclosed, gorgeous. I found a hotel I loned in Santa Tomas which is far East of menorca but ther doesn't seem as much going on, just countryside and a few shops etc.

can't thank you enough for the link, I love it when you get a real life review! xx

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