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Do Easyjet charge for car seats in the hold?

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Hybrid Thu 03-Sep-09 21:49:34


I know people have posted questions regarding what Easyjet charge for but can't seem to find out if car seats are free when put in the hold.

DH and I have only paid for 2 hold bags - will we also be charged for the car seat as a separate 'bag' so to speak and is it included in our weight allowance?

I gather travel cots and strollers go for free (do they check the stroller bag when you check it in as I'm hoping to put a blanket, raincover and shade cover in there as well).

We fly on Saturday so any information would be extremely appreciated - and apologies if I've been extremely dense and missed the answer to this on the forum already!!


Hybrid Thu 03-Sep-09 21:51:52

Forgot to mention, DS is 3 months so car seat is the small kind.

nancy75 Thu 03-Sep-09 21:54:09

no, i have never paid for a carseat, last flew with them in july and took a stroller and carseat. you check prams/carseats in at oversize luggage bit, they dont look inside.

you can also keep the pram with you until you get on the plane if you want, you just give it to them at the doors.

Hybrid Thu 03-Sep-09 23:05:45

Excellent news! Can't believe Easyjet are so good.

Thanks for that

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