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flying with pram

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Champagneforlunch Tue 01-Sep-09 16:31:35

Flying to Greece in October and trying to decide what pram to take.
How does it work if you take a car seat, does it get checked in and included as part of my weight allowance or is it taken at the plane when i hand the buggy over, (3 in one travel system so car seat fits on the frame makes it easy for the airport)?
Also if i was to take the pram and use a fight bag for it (bugaboo gecko so can get big wheeled bag for it)does this need to be checked in or can i get it on as a buggy at the gate?

cfc Tue 01-Sep-09 19:21:50

OO, we're in exactly same boat, except we're heading off in Sep. Would be interested to see replies!

Also, does anyone know if I don't have a flight bag for pram is that a massive problem?

MrsBadger Tue 01-Sep-09 19:38:00

I flew with a big 3wheeler and carrycot

packed the carrycot in a normal holdall, filled it with our clotehs etc and checked it in.

checked the chassis separately as 'outisze' baggage (was just a metal frame so no need for a fligth bag), had confrmed with airline beforehand this did not need to be weighed as part of baggage allowance

carried dd round the airport in a sling

didn;t need a car seat so didn;t take one

much the easiest way IME

MrsBadger Tue 01-Sep-09 19:40:41

so (to conclude relevantly wink)

I would pack the seat/carrycot unit of the Gecko in your luggage, check the chassis as outsize baggage, use a sling and leave the carseat at home

unless you are hiring a car in which case I would consider checking the carseat and taking the seat & chassis to the gate

Champagneforlunch Tue 01-Sep-09 21:52:10

Never though of outsize baggage might phone and check if i could do that.
I'm not sure if we're going to hire a car yet, but if we are will have to find out about how the airline treats car seats.
Sling sounds like a good idea wasn't going to take it but would help around the airport.

nicm Tue 01-Sep-09 22:47:21

you can get a tag around the pram bag and take it and the pram to the gate. i do this with ds's stroller(can't get a bag big enough for his pram ). then just fold it into the bag and give it to the boarding staff. then it just comes off the other end on the carousel.

there was some advice on the rearfacing website a while ago about flying with car seats and there are bags available for them-from usa i think or else bubble wrap them. have a look for more info. didn't really read it as i haven't needed the car seat with me! hth

katiepotatie Tue 01-Sep-09 23:08:23

We flew to Greece last Sept, buggy tagged and handed over at the gate. Car seat charged seperately £20, and checked with other luggage.
Have been to Greece before without our car seat, car hire place provided one that time.
Think the sling is a good idea too.

cfc Fri 04-Sep-09 13:31:57

Can you take the car seat to the gate so that we can have baby in there until we have to get on the plane?

Thinking a sling is a great idea and we have a babsling, but DH and I suffer from bad backs and we'd love to just wheel him around until we board.

But do we have to check it in at the desk?


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