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Alone with children

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Andrea67 Tue 01-Sep-09 11:29:20

Hi there!

Are there any other women out there who travel alone with their children?

I am married, but my husband isn't a keen traveller and can't always get away.

I am considering going abroad with 4 young children under the age of 9.

Any suggestions? Uk ideas would also be welcome.

I could actually do with a hotel that has 2 inter-connecting rooms or an apartment. I don't want to be penalised for being the only adult. Often the first child has to pay adult price. That's no good - it's so expensive anyway!

Where do you independent types go off to?
Anywhere I should avoid?


Andrea x

Leslaki Tue 01-Sep-09 17:59:15

I have taken my 2 dcs (6 and 7) away for the last couple of years (since my XH left) and we went camping abroad!! Both summers we went here as it is just TOO easy to do on your own with kids!! I also tooke them to Les Etangs Fleuris with canvas - a campsite just outside Disneyland paris in May! The cost is cheap - you have to pay for 2 adults but kids over 13 are classed as adults (differs between companies) but with canvas you also get a lone parent discount. Prices vary from comany to company. Pick a resort like Portofelice where you don't have to hire a car, then fly and get a transfer/bus to the campsite. 5 of you will fit easily into a mobile home and it will be easier for you as you can just let let them out to play first thing in the morning and not keep them cooped up in an apartment/hotel room/balcony. It's also very sociable in the evening for you as everyone sits outside their mobile and chats over a few bottles of wine. I'd be lonely on a hotel holiday sitting on a balcony on my own every evening after kids had gone to bed. Portofelice is ideal cos you have 4 pools (with small slides) and is on a fantastic beach - within walking distance of the local town. Cannnot recommend it enough and it's not expensive. Cost me £1100 this year - plus flights.

Andrea67 Wed 09-Sep-09 18:55:02

Thank you, Leslaki!

Looks lovely.


lottysmum Thu 10-Sep-09 07:32:06


I'm a member os Single Parent Travel Club...and whilst you are not a single parent are in the same situation in terms of booking accomodation.

Last year a small group of us went to Majorca and the room rate was only 40 euro's per night half board...3 star hotel with kids club...this would obviously work for lasy had two children in her room at she just paid an extra 10 euro's per would probably need 2 rooms...but it would work for you...I think they also did a suite which maybe would accomodate you all.

Send me a private message and I can send you details.

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